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  1. Hey guys , i want to know what performance modifications i can do to make more power in my auris , any ideas and what have you guys done , i know there is a Auris TRD , which is supercharged which is pretty cool and also i would like to upgrade suspension / lower , any ideas for that? and does anyone know a website where i can buy accessories and performance parts
  2. Thank you! Yes i want to just do some simple mods to make it mine you know , not planning on doing any exaust because its a 1.6 lmao , but yeah just make it look nice , maybe put some wheels on once ive saved enough money
  3. ive been driving my moms cars for like a year and a half , i drive a lot , this is just a car i can finally call mine , but i was thinking of maybe some interior mods , maybe some exterior mods to make it look unique
  4. Not even mods for interior and exterior ? any good wheels ?
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