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  1. Yes I generally agree with all your comments. However the economy of the car depends on its weight and aerodynamic design. As a point of note I have had paint devils attend to the Yaris now twice this past year to take out two dents. One in the roof, probably a small branch and one in the bonnet. Never needed them for to countless VW's in the previous 12 years. You will have noticed the contours in the roof line. Clearly there to add strength to a very flimsy roof. Dent Devils commented all the modern new small cars seem to be being built with thinner panels to cut down on weight and cost.
  2. Yes, Twice since ownership both before the recall. A motorcycle coming slowly to a stop to give way to us on an open crossroads on our left as we approached and the car went to an emergency stop. Lucky there was no one behind. Can't remember the other circumstances. Nothing short of dangerous. However we have done about 5K since with no more episodes. However I expect it to happen again.
  3. I heard nothing after twelve months too. Decided to use a competitor at half the price.
  4. As another Yaris owner I am fully aware of the inadequacy of the 12 volt battery. I probably would not have bought the car had I known of this problem in advance. I regularly leave the car a week while I use the camper and always CTEC the battery to a full charge the day before I leave and then plug a Ring 2.4 watt solar panel left on the dash using the direct plug under the dash. Easy to find. If I'm away from home such as in self catering and walking each day I just leave the car in ready mode for an hour every three days with a steering wheel lock on it so I don't have to sit with it. At an airport the car is usually fully charged on arrival so I just add the solar and always have a 12 volt power station in the boot. Just in case. Only other hybrid behaviour I use is when I take the wife for short shopping trip locally I never switch the ignition off just wait in the car in ready mode. No radio or heat and let the 12 volt continue to charge. That's been my way of dealing with the problem. Hope that helps.
  5. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  6. Hi, I am new to this forum although I been lurking here for some time. I have owned my Yaris since April 21 and am generally pleased with it. I have recently purchased a Toyota Proace camper and intend using the Yaris less in the coming year. I have always noticed that I loose about a volt on my Yaris battery after three or four four days without using it and either use the trick of leaving it switched on on the drive with a steering wheel lock attached or trickle charge it from the garage for six hours to bring it back to about 13 volts. I won’t be able to leave it in the garage on trickle charge whilst away so wondered about a solar charger plugged into the EOBD socket under the dash. I was in Toyota Norwich yesterday for a recall update on the Yaris and noticed a Ring Solar charger they were selling in their display cabinet. The service manager said it was only a 1.9 watt Solar unit and they wanted 40 pound for it plus connector. I decided to leave it until I had done more research. Does anyone on this forum use a similar device for their hybrid car suffering similar drains on their unused Toyota batteries. Has anyone had a problem with the electrics after a long term Solar connection via this port. thanks.
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