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  1. Hi there, looking to source : turbo oil pipe flange. if anyone had the part number or know where I can get this part I d be very grateful. Cheers Mags
  2. Up date, disconnecting the split charger fixed the issue.
  3. Toyota Estima Lucida 94. The first time this happened we got the alternator refurbished 2y ago and had no further issues. This happened again just before Christmas, all dash lights on and alarm sound. The issue seems to be stumping my garage: Alternator charging 14V - Garage says its not the alternator or the battery. Battery is fairly new but seems to hold just 9v. First suggestion was that the terminal assembly that comes from the alternator and connects to the terminal(image 1). Second suggestion was this thing, I don't know what it is (image 2). My van is a camper Japanese conversion so has a leisure battery in back. Could this unit be some sort of early version of a split charger, and it is affecting my battery output thus causing all the dash warning lights to come on. I should clarify : Van starts fine then 5 mins driving all warning lights illuminate and warning alarm sounds and as I mentioned above the only time this happened before seemed to be the alternator?? Sorry for long post also not mechanically minded. Any wisdom on similar issue greatly appreciated. Cheers Mags
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