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  1. I have done the whole egr clean a while ago, big improvement, however the car still does the slow acceleration thing on odd occasions. I am now thinking the vvti solenoid could be the problem. Am hoping to swap it out soon
  2. Ch229

    Rear brake shoes

    Hi. Would anyone happen to know if the rear brake shoes are interchangeable between other Toyota makes? My local parts store doesn't stock shoes for the iq
  3. A common thing with the IQs, mine included, is that the nut on the top of the suspension strut, usually the left hand side one, comes loose. It is not a nylock nor does it have a lock washer. Was a simple fix for me. Hope this works for you
  4. I'm so glad this worked out for you Chris. Definitely makes a huge difference. The vapor trail is quite impressive haha I can actually teach my daughter how to drive in my car now without our the risk of an accident as before Enjoy
  5. Well, I can confirm that cleaning the egr valve and the aluminium spacer/exhaust gas distribution plate under the intake manifold makes a huge difference. I am looking forward to driving a normal car now
  6. I hope it's ok for me to jump in on this thread. I have had the loss of power at low revs for some time now. Am currently performing a egr valve clean. I have noticed that one of the passages that carries the exhaust gas through the aluminium intake plate is completely blocked, so that cylinder is not running correctly. Most of the gas is ending up in the cylinder closest to the timing belt. I have the old type exhaust manifold and am hoping to change that soon. What would be the correct spark plug gap?
  7. Yes, same for me,lefthand strut top nut only finger tight, add a little picture and tighten up, quite as
  8. Hi I have had this problem before. For me it was a matter of putting a 1/2" elbow hose on the AC drain, and glueing around the gromet, which can be found near the centre of the fire wall in the engine bay. Have not had any water in the car since. Toyota's design for this is a Venturi just barely showing out the firewall.
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