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  1. I wish it was true but not our experience with this garage in Edinburgh. My wife ordered a new Aygo X at the same time, her valuation didn't drop at all when she picked it up in May yet they claimed they needed more money. My valuation has dropped £3.5k so am expecting worse from them. I may end up walking away and just keeping my Ateca, which I love anyway, and just run it another few years, but will loose my £1k deposit!
  2. Finally had notification that my new car Toyota Corolla 2.0 Touring Sports in Obsidian blue was being built on 12th July and MyT app is now showing it to be intransit on its way to Edinburgh. I have only just noticed as in Tenerife on holiday! I ordered mid February when my trade in price was high, but dropped by over £3k and now worried they are going to ask for more money to make up difference! Should be happy that its finally on its way but not feeling it.
  3. Hi. I ordered a 2.0 Excel Corolla TS on Saturday. I was told a 16 week wait, so should be here May or early June. Yesterday that 16 week changed to 27! I went back to the dealer today for a longer test drive and mentioned this. He checked the system and said it was still showing May/June for delivery. He also said that they are increasingly improving on production and catching up on orders. So hopefully we will get ours according to original estimates. Good luck!
  4. I have just been on Toyota website and its now quoting 27 weeks for 2.0 TS Excel which would be mid August, not May as they told me on Saturday when ordered. I have to go back tomorrow so am going to ask about this.
  5. He told me that they are now picking up pace and cars are arriving earlier tahn original estimates. He told us the Aygo X for wife should be here in April and my TS probably in May but maybe pushed back to June. Not got anything in writing though yet!
  6. Thanks. TBH probably so did I!!! I didn't go for sunroof or JB audio. They have given me the Essential Protection+ pack FOC. Also got first two services plus Supagard protection for £299. I dont usually take body protection as have all the gear to do that myself, but services are expensive (£230 first, £380 second) so was worth taking out.
  7. Hi guys. Just to thank you all for the great info and experiences of the 1.8 and 2.0 Corollas. So I tried both 1.8 HB (tried first) and 2.0 TS. I preferred the 2.0, felt closer in performance to my current car. So have ordered 2.0 TS Excel in Obsidian Blue. Now the long wait, told it will likely be May and maybe June. The wife also bought the new Aygo X. Luckily they had one in the showroom just for the 2 hrs we happened to be there. Apparently the only one in the UK and was touring the country. Looks like a nice little mini SUV. But bought blind as no test drives are possible, but she tried the outgoing Aygo as closest to it.
  8. Your experience exactly matches my neighbours who has had his for 6 months now. I will try both 1.8 and 2.0 and see what I think. Thanks.
  9. Good advice, yes was thinking along these lines. Off in an hour so will see how it goes.
  10. My wife is checking out the Yaris, so we will be test driving that anyway. I guess I should look at the two then side by side. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Thanks Alan for your advice. OK the perhaps the 1.8 is back in the running. Most of my driving is a 50mph country road for 10 min which I dont often overtake on as its busy then the 70 mph dual lane bypass, most of which is uphill. I was originally also only interested in the HB as I don't really need the big boot anymore, as like you there are now only two of us. I also have loooked at Design spec, it is only really leather seats that I would loose going down from Excel to Desire. So will see if I can test drive the 1.8 HB and 2.0TS tomorrow.
  12. Thanks Michael. I have a feeling from what you and others have said that you are probably correct and that the 2.0 will suit me best. I will try and test drive both if I can - we also need to test drive a Yaris for the wife as well.
  13. Yes I considered that too, but not sure the reduced boot size is ok for me. But this colour seems to be very popular, it does look nice on the web. 🙂
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