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  1. Hello Everyone, I have been looking for a good used Toyota yaris but cannot make a best decision on what to buy. Fuel prices are going off the chart and I want good mpg and reliability, I recently test drove a Mk3 2012 Toyota yaris 1.0 vvt-i lovely car nice to drive but after 20 plus years of driving felt like I needed to fit some (L plates) never managed to stall the vehicle but could not get used to the high biting clutch position, has anyone else had this problem with this model and is the mk2 the same? Best regards Andy.
  2. Hi Everybody, in response to some of my recent topics on this and other Uk & US Forums concerning the Mk3 2011 onwards Toyota yaris. Some feedback I have received seems to reveal some issues with shockers and rear wheel bearing failures at low miles. I understand it could be due to the way some people drive over road humps, hitting them fast will certainly damage shockers on any vehicle. Road humps are a nuisance especially the abrupt type humps which hit and damage bumpers and chassis even at low speeds. This question applies to drivers of the Mk3 yaris who do not drive over road humps fast and hit potholes. My question is: "Are these common problems on the Mk3 model? Is this issue a common fault on the Mk3 Yaris?
  3. Hi bw10, thankyou for your feedback much appreciated, I am really surprised your shockers needed replacing after 50k that is another topic. My Mk1 never needed new shockers it's 2005 with 123000 plus miles on the clock. I understand the Mk3 rear wheel bearings need replacing also again my mk1 still as original bearings. Yes the 1l is a cracking little engine 3 cylinder 69bhp which is okay the same engine is fitted in the Mk2 but I think the Mk 3 gets slightly better mpg possibly because the mk3 is lighter but not sure. I must be honest I do prefer the shape of the Mk3 over the Mk2 but which is the best quality that's the question. I do not think newer cars are built to the same quality standards like the early ones just going off what comments are coming through by owners of later Toyota Yaris models, and my own opinion, just a shame the mk1 petrol isn't in the low £30 tax bracket I would buy one seen some with really low miles and lovely condition. My mk1 D4d is like a lightweight slightly rusty tank but very economical indeed lol 🤣 Andy.
  4. Hi Everybody, just a question concerning the Aygo clutch issues. In my previous post I refer to answers concerning the larger clutch update from 180mm to the 190mm update, which apparently according to some owners have solved this common clutch replacement issue. What year exactly did this upgrade take place because I got my eye on a 2012 model with low milage and service history at a modest price. Can a late mk1 be upgraded to the larger clutch? Andy
  5. So what your saying is "you replaced the 180mm clutch for a 190mm clutch was this done on the Mk1? Andy
  6. Thanks Cyker, your comments remind me of my first small Fiesta petrol car a massive 44bhp regulor stalling episodes clutch judder, I look forward to engaging a similar experience 😆 lol those Lake District camping trips oh joy 😂 lol
  7. Hi Everybody, was considering recently purchasing a Mk2 Toyota Aygo, but my big concern is its reliability issues and build quality. I presently own a Mk1 yaris diesel and have had practically no problems, its 2005 and as not had 1 single hiccup up until now just hitting 123000 miles. I was looking to get away from diesels and buy a small petrol the Aygo mk2 appears to fit the bill, but who makes the gearbox for this vehicle? I know the engine is built by Daihatsu and is very good quality but what about everything else I hate French cars had one years ago bad gearbox and endless cosmetic problems. Can anyone advise me if the Aygo is a good buy or not? I have read that the Aygo is somehow based on the Citroën C1 and Peugeot if this is the case have Toyota ruined a bullet proof little gem by using these parts or can I be proven wrong somehow. I understand that the clutch on the gearbox was upgraded larger clutch plate after 2009 can anyone verify that and did it solve the problems? Thanks Andy
  8. Thanks Flash22 I never knew the clutch was changed after 2009 on the 1.0 1KRFE engine. That's good to know I always wondered why that always came up in some Toyota yaris ads " New clutch fitted" made me think is their a clutch issue as you have reliably confirmed. Larger clutch less friction makes sense. Will definitely be buying a post 2009 model. Andy.
  9. Hi thanks for your feedback concerning Yaris engines I wasn't aware that they fitted the Mk3 with the earlier mk2 engine obviously stood the test of time I know the 6 speed gearbox as a few hiccups, the standard 5 speed though is a brilliant quality gearbox. Most vehicles gearboxes fail and have linkage and sycramesh issues with only low miles. The Mk1 yaris I own as not had anything go wrong concerning suspension, gearbox, wheel bearings etc Japanese quality is unbeatable in my view but sadly not all Japanese cars are built like a Toyota. I used to own a Mk1 Mazda 2 that was also excellent quality not sure about later ones though. Regards Andy
  10. Just out of interest are the shockers a common fault on the mk3? Brakes are not an issue for me I fit my own quite an easy fix and cheap, drum or disc brakes I more concern myself with engine problems and gearbox. Regards Andy
  11. Hi Cyker, thanks for replying to my topic much appreciated. The P1229 code can be a number of things concerning fuel over pressure blocked fuel filter, fuel pump mine having the sender low pressure pump integrated with the high pressure pump earlier models being separate units. I did a ohms multimeter test on my fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pressure sensor the regulator test revealed a short or zero ohms. I think replacing my fuel pressure regulator will sort out the problem but not yet convinced myself. Regards Andy
  12. Due to large price hikes in fuel costs smaller engines seem more popular than ever before, and Mpg is being probably one of the more important things to consider when purchasing any vehicle. I understand that official Mpg by any given car maufacturer is not always that accurate obviously there are a whole lot of variables to consider." some being onboard weight and type of terrain i.e. flat roads, hills motorway or round town trips each will vary depending also on how the vehicle is driven try doing a motorway run at a constant 50 to 67 mph keeping under 2000 revs if at all possible and watch the difference to having foot down at maximum plus speed limits big difference in fuel consumption. My question is: I own a diesel d4d Yaris and get very a good 55+ mpg but I don't travel as far as I used to do so have decided to opt for a small petrol 1.0 or 1.3 Mk2 or Mk3, "not yet made my mind up". Any owners of either 1.0 or 1.3 Yaris what would you say you get on average mpg? Any infomation regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated, also thank you to everyone who posted their comments to my last recent topic 5***** rating for all your posts very useful information indeed. Very best regards, Andy.
  13. Hi Cyker, Thank you for your excellent feedback regarding my post! just the infomation I was looking for. I would prefer to stick to just chain driven I am not a fan of cam belts just another expense at the mechanics. I service and maintain my cars with quality full synthetic oils and a splash of ZX1. Unfotunetly my Mk1 D4D isn't that much fun because it as a fault code P1229 and needs a diesel specialist appointment to sort its misfire issue. The Mk1 is unbelievably reliable but when diesels go wrong its very expensive to have fixed, thats why im looking towards small petrol instead. I prefer to avoid complicated cars with turbo's with complex fuel systems probably cost more than my car is worth to repair it. Just out of interest my first car was a Mk3 Ford Fiesta 1L 44bhp lol, saw the same model recently with over 750000 miles on the clock 0ver 3/4 of a million miles lol. Used for regular Lake district camping trips dont know how I did it probably cause a massive tailback on the M6 if I did that these days. Lol What Mpg do you get on average? best regards Andy
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