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  1. True. Well i bet mechanics can come up with custom plates for any car.. but anyways. I'll take my time for now, really not sure what i want. I would enjoy Focus 1.6tdci 110hp (very good engine) but yeah.. dirty diesel. I wouldnt mind a petrol but.. cats/fuel consumption/power. Gonna have to make Pros/Cons list 😂
  2. Well yeah if i would go for a diesel i'd go for fiesta/focus/auris/yaris. But i was now wondering about petrol cars if i were to buy one i dont really know for which i would go. Well atleast now i know about cats and how to avoid it. If i were to buy a petrol one i'd need a plate probably.
  3. I'm from Lithuania. It's quite harsh winters here so rust is a major factor. Oh and yeah i completely agree about German cars, i'd never buy one. Well maybe newer korean ones are alright, but i'm still looking at 2010-2013 era. Only Hyundais i30 are considered ok, but i've driven one and i really didn't like it at all. It just felt stiff and plasticy. I'd rather take Ford Focus then but really not hyundai 😂 Though i would need to "research" about Ford Focus which petrol engines are alright cuz i just have knowledge of diesel engines of focus (though i think they're still made in Germany for european market so there's that...)
  4. Im not from NA, im in Europe. And we really dont like Hyundais, Kias or any korean cars. I really doubt ill ever look at korean cars. It has a very bad reputation for its quality and reliability. Mazda is so-so but in our country all Mazdas are rust buckets. They really rust so bad, you barely can find a decent mazda with no rust lol. If i had to choose i'd go with MT Auris 1.6 Dual VVT-i or MT 1.6 Valvematic. Any idea about those engines? Also not very good? Cats are also located in the engine bay? Might aswell consider Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i.
  5. Might be, never really tried gen3/4. But i assume it has more punch to it since it's +20 more hp. And gen4 is like +40more hp.
  6. Interesting 😊 Never really thought about something like that. But if thieves would have more time (during the night) they could still do it i suppose. But it surely makes it harder for them and hopefully they'll just go on to the next target lol.
  7. Well.. i mean.. if i would want a hybrid i wouldnt have sold my prius in the first place. It's a good hybrid dont get me wrong, but yup, totally meant for relaxed chill driving. Unless Auris has it's cat somewhere else where thieves cant reach it then i might be interested in hybrid. But it probably has cat in the same place as prius? Do you know anythin bout Auris petrol cats? Are they stolen just as much as hybrids? I know it's kinda stupid to dismiss a car just because there's a risk of theft.. but damn. At this point i really don't want that risk anymore. Really sucks to get your cars original cat stolen. Plus it's quite hard to install a new cheap one and reprogram it. At first it might seem ok but later on there might be computer issues with it. Especially with hybrids. Diesel cars are ok from my experience, easy to reprogram and cut out dpf. With hybrids i would never risk it.
  8. Yeah i'm interested in Auris the most atm cuz fun aint my top1 priority. Reliability and fuel economy is my priority. But i'll avoid hybrid because i don't want to get my cat stolen again. I sold my Prius just for that reason. It's getting crazy out here with cat thefts. I'll either get petrol or diesel. But as i understand petrol cats are stolen just as much as hybrids.. so.. yeah. 🤷‍♂️ But idk.. i didn't really have fun with Prius. I always drive how car "dictates it". If it's slow and sluggish i don't push it. If it's fast and has some punch then i might push it a little. I always said that car pretty much dictates how it wants to be driven and how it's healthy. Sure you can push Prius like a madman but that's not healthy at all.
  9. Haha. Definitely 😂 History repeats itself, back to the good old days of horses and carts. Hopefully their "gas" output won't be taxed or they might need some catalytic converter installed 🤣 Oh those taxes.. gotta "love" em. All jokes aside though i guess a petrol car with a turbocharger would be more reliable than a diesel (if u wanna have some fun). Or just a regular petrol with atleast 110-130HP. Nothing crazy but still would be quite fun. But fuel consumption would be terrible in such a petrol car.
  10. Yeah i completely agree. Any car with a turbocharger is a risk you're taking, i'm quite aware of that. And yes, it's alot more fun with a turbocharger. Anyhow it's always a gamble with cars. Even with petrol/hybrid cars. You never know when will your battery cells will go bad or tranny or valves or water pump and so on. It's just how it is with cars. I knew a person who had a Prius and it was in a really good shape. And suddenly his Abs pump/accumulator went bad. You're looking at 2000-3000euros in parts/repairs. So yeah.. i guess if we really want to avoid troubles in a long run we gotta buy bicycles or walk on foot 🤣
  11. Sry im not from London. I'm not in UK even. Just had to set something i didn't see there's a non-uk option 🙂 But yeah, we have those diesel taxes here too. Just so far they're very minimal. Tbh i'd buy a petrol car but fuel economy and most importantly a turbocharger is what's making me want a diesel again. They're just alot more fun to drive.
  12. Okey so basically Gen 1 facelift 1.4D has both cat and DPF but they're really hard to get to and are pretty safe bet? Will mechanics still be able to remove it and weld it back on if i decide to do those? Idk about MOT but i passed easily. There were no changes in emissions and it was perfectly welded too. But yeah.. i advice to be careful and do it on your own risk.
  13. Nah. When i removed that filter weirdly enough emissions were the same it didn't change at all (makes you wonder if DPFs are even necessary). Though if it has that Cat body you empty the filter inside it and you have to weld the actual cat back on. And you have to weld it very precisely so that inspectors won't really notice it. If it looks alright then you'll pass easily. If it's welded poorly then R.I.P... 😂
  14. Ok i hope you're right 😂 But i guess my first thing when i'll get the car is remove that filter altogether and disable EGR. It really runs alot smoother that way. Do you know if all of those cars (Auris gen1 facelift 1.4D) have DPF in them? Maybe gen 1 non-facelift hasnt? I'm still confused which diesels have DPF cats and which don't. Plate 59 has no filter and 60 and above already has it?
  15. Hmm. Are you sure? I've had other diesel cars before and they all had cat or DPF. Well maybe i'm mistaken but all mechanics called it cat. What i used to do in the past is cut out the cat (or dpf?) itself and sell what's inside cuz those metals/filters are expensive too. Basically the same procedure thieves do but for our own good. We do it in our country so our diesel cars can run more smoothly and won't clog up. Of course we reprogram EGR (disable it entirely) so there aren't any problems in the future. So.. if diesels are only DPF, arent their filters/metals inside also expensive? I mean it doesnt really matter how we call it Cat or DPF but if there are expensive metals inside they're still gonna be stolen. @Catlover
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