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  1. does anyone know if mrtwo is still trading? the web site is not on anymore? :-S www.mrtwo.co.uk
  2. my mr2 is running really really rich all of a sudden do u know if my ecu is a self learning one or not? any ideas y it might br running so rich all of a sudden?
  3. to reset the ecu on a 1990 g-ltd mr2, do u just disconnect the battery? and for how long? please help!!!
  4. to cheap im affraid the cars body work is impecable, have just done a full respray in cosmic black (metalic), as im a paint sprayer for bmw, io have put a rev 2 spoiler on and clear lights all round has a total recon engine, not any old job done it is perfection, but the basic running gear of the car is abit shabby brakes are all new, interior is perfect, and have added crome grills on the bumber (removed the spots) and on the air intakes will need a new gearbox soon and drive shaft and needs new suspension, apart from that basically rebuilt
  5. yeah, i know they are surposed to be one of the best places but they were useless, asked for about 10 things that u would expect them to have and they didnt have anything, nightmare
  6. anyone breaking a g-ltd mr2, im in deperate need of some bits please help
  7. MR2 G-ltd 1990 for sale black, cloth seats, ew, em, rcl, cat 1 cobra system, abs, pas, aircon 1 years mot, 3 owners, clock showing 140,000km on recon engine, engine is perfect runs like a dream gearbox a little nosey, prob only 10,000 miles left in it, front shocks are leaking a little and are abit squeeky, patchy radiator bodywork is perfect no rust, totally original the car does need some work doing but has a years mot and the bodywork and engine are superb open to offers!!!!!
  8. my front shocks are leavin like a *****. so am gonna replace shocks and springs alround and want to drop the car 40mm anyway any recommendations on shock packages, and are they specific ones for imports. mines a 1990 g-ltd any idea if they use kyb shocks as standard??? help would be much appreciated here. ps on a budget much cheapness required
  9. My gearbox is a little crunchy in 2nd, anyway i can add or change the gearbox oil and is there a specific oil to use? any ideas people????
  10. does anyone know if the supra rz standard 5 spokes fit on a 1990 mr2?
  11. im looking at supra wheels for my mr2. they are 16/8 for the front and 16/9 for the rear. would this be ok forthe mr2 mk2??? please help
  12. new back box standard and must be new and a radiator. would appreciate the help
  13. I am trying to find out about where ican buy new jap parts for my MR2 G-ltd and also reconditioned parts, pref in the uk PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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