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  1. Not too much going on with the Yaris, though I did get around to fitting the OEM style stainless backbox I mentioned. The one that was on there was essentially a backbox delete, and I already have the 5 which is super rowdy anyway, so just wanted the daily to be nice and quiet. It's a really nice quality backbox, and it shines up lovely with just a couple of minutes with the Autosol and a rag. All fitted now, annoyingly the backbox delete had been sleeved over and welded on, so I removed the entire catback and carefully cut the welded pipe off, leaving the original sleeve underneath, and have clamped the backbox to it as it was designed. Basically an OEM sounding catback but it won't go rusty like mild steel, ideal! The tip is a little off center here so I made some adjustments to the rear hanger and it sorted it after this photo. When it is lowered down the box is contacting the rear ARB I fitted, but a few taps with a hammer will have that issue sorted out haha.
  2. I always found the best thing for tailgaters was the launch control/two step limiter on my old MX-5. You could press the clutch in while moving and activate it on the throttle and get some lovely 3 foot flames out the back 😂 They always backed off when you gave it a bit of this 😂 I had it set up on my current 5 but got some wiring issues with it I need to sort as it doesn't currently function correctly.
  3. Yeah, seems quite uncommon! Thanks mate. Yeah I'll take the skirts off and have a look. My 5 was horrendous, so any rust issues this has will be a breeze in comparison.
  4. As I said, I found my mate a T Sport for sale and we went to get it on the weekend. Has a couple of paint issues and a couple of scratches, but it's a lovely little car, and looks great in red too. Also I think the 5 door version doesn't look any worse, it's quite nice actually, and definitely more practical!
  5. It all seems pretty decent to be fair, then again I'm used to a stripped out MX-5 with loose door cards, a cable tied in radio, and rattles just about everywhere inside the car 😂 I had it before in my Bluebird, had some rear tyres with like 2008 date stamps on, that was scary a couple of times 😂 the long wheelbase made it nice and easy to catch though.
  6. Yeah it's a weird one, definitely not a flat grey in sunlight, but I need to give it a proper wash, I think this colour is probably the most common I've seen for sale. Ah mate, we had a moment with tyres yesterday. As I said in my first post my mate drove mine once and wanted one, I found him one a couple of hours away and we went to look at it yesterday. He bought it, 5 door version, and when driving it back we went to Cobham services. It has the new style Toyo TR1 on the front, so that's decent, but on the back is an old set of Toyo T1R, not great in the wet, plus they're quite old. Luckily he has a load of experience drifting, as we went around the long bend at like maybe 25mph tops and the back end completely went. At first I thought he was doing a handbrake skid, but the rear Toyos just let go completely and he did a massive slide and held it like a champion, I nearly ****** myself haha.
  7. It's not bad, some corrosion I want to look into but overall it's fairly good! Yes it's a Thunder Grey one, nice colour actually. I need to give it a proper wash to bring the paint up properly. Oh yeah I get that, the MX-5 is quite raw to drive, I like that the Yaris only has a few minor upgrades, just makes it a better driving car but still looks basically standard. Ideal for a daily driver. Sometimes I know what I'm doing, other times I just wing it and learn as I go haha. Thanks, the 5 has been really hard work but it's finally looking how I always wanted it to.
  8. Yeah they are good, definitely notice there is less chat about them in the Facebook groups than the other hatches of the era. It's a shame really, some nice bits around for them but options are fairly limited for some stuff. I'm used to 5s though, so anything seems more limited, there's so much stuff available for them it's crazy. Ah god the dreaded ULEZ haha, I see that as a main selling point when people are selling used cars now, when they're compliant. Nothing like that down in Brighton, yet! Cheers mate, planning to do a couple of little bits, I've heard rear upper strut braces are quite well recommended on these?
  9. Thanks mate. It's on 111k, passed MOT last week just before I got it, just needed wheel bearings doing. The Bluebird was great I must admit, it got so much attention everywhere haha, so few of them left! I am keeping the T Sport and selling my 107 I just got as this is a much more fun daily, and still gets around 40mpg so quite economical too. Definitely, performance wise I'd say it's more "warm hatch", certainly not fast. But yeah with the lowering springs and the rear ARB it actually handles really nicely, I quite like the drive.
  10. New here, just got my hands on a 2005 Yaris T Sport as a daily. To be honest I don't think this is going to be much of build thread, but I like to document everything I do on all my cars, so this seemed the place to do it. Anyway here it is: It's a lovely little car, I'm really enjoying it so far. It came with a few bits already on it: stainless exhaust, Tein lowering springs, TTE spoiler, upgraded front discs and pads, bluetooth headunit and upgraded speakers. Previous owner also gave me this Subaru bucket seat and a universal Sparco rail: My main complaint about the car is that I sit too high, so going to adapt the rails to fit this soon. Also came with a Whiteline rear ARB which I have now fitted: I had just bought a bright yellow 107 as a daily, and was planning to sell my old Nissan Bluebird. However a guy I know ended up suggesting swapping the Bluebird for the Yaris, so here we are, and the 107 is now being sold. The Bluebird was retro and cool. Super slow 1.8 CA18 with auto box. I lowered it on coilovers recently, it was a cool car tbf, not many about anymore: Previously owned an EJ9 Civic. It was a bit tatty, but a great car. Fully stripped when I bought it, so I threw some red Cobra bucket seats in and it was good fun for a little 1.4! Yes, the harness angle was jank I know, I didn't fit those! Anyway all of this aside I've always been into my MX-5s. Had 5 of them over the last 9 years, 3 mk2s and 2 mk1s. My current mk1 import is the biggest project I've ever undertaken, I got it for literally almost nothing 2 and a half years ago, loads of parts missing, under a tarp, no MOT, literally had a cat living in it: It's been a long process of slowly refurbing it, fixing the rust, restoring most components, and fighting the urge to give in on several occasions. Spec of the car here: Full respray in Toyota Ivory, Volk Racing Mesh and Work Equip Excel wheels, red roof, DIY ITB install, Speeduino ECU, AEM wideband, RSR manifold, custom stainless catback, Direnza coilovers, polybushed all round, 4kg flywheel, Mintex M1144 pads, braided brake lines, braided clutch line, replacement gearbox, rear overfenders, GV2 front lip, rear ducktail, de-badged, de-powered steering rack, A/C delete, Sparco bucket seat on Skidnation side rails, colour matched steering wheel with D1 quick release, and probably more I'm forgetting too. It's on 184,000 miles now, not that you can tell anymore! Anyway, if you like 5s I've documented literally everything I've ever done to it, that can be read here: https://mighty5s.com/thread/3324/bilbos-scrapyard-spec-eunos So yeah I have the Yaris which I genuinely really rate, definitely be keeping it for a while, so I'll put anything I do in here, but my main focus will always be on the 5 to be honest!
  11. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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