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  1. And the answer is: Washers from the new style Yaris....part no Y85381-53350 Requires some minor filing down of the retaining clips but gives a lovely squirt all over the screen
  2. Thanks mate, but I hope I never have to admit that my Tubby has been Coooontooed!
  3. Does Toyota fit these to any vehicle? I'm looking for the type where the water tube connector is at 90 degrees. Lexus fit them to the IS300 but the tube connector is straight, and won't fit on an MR2
  4. Is there a minimum age limit for passengers - my 9 year old lad would like to come along.
  5. Price reduced to £500 Come and grab a bargain this weekend!
  6. Originally fitted to a Rev4 import. Excellent condition, nothing broken / scratched. Looking for £95
  7. Here's my just-dyno'd Tubby after being fitted with a Unichip: Just missed out on 300bhp (the figures are flywheel).....but that'll come! :D
  8. I have a set of MINT CONDITION 17" x 7.5" Lenso 5KR alloys in hyper silver with a mirror lip finish. Offset 40 Front tyres are Toyo Proxes 215/35/17 T-1S with 5-6mm tread Rear tyres are Toyo Proxes 235/35/17 T-1S with 3mm tread (the tyres were already part worn when they went on) These rims are in pristine condition and have never been kerbed or marked at all. They've been on my car less than 3 months. ***** MOVING HOUSE - NEED TO CLEAR THESE, NOW REDUCED TO £500 *****
  9. Mr Morse

    Baby Shake's Yaris

    2005 Yaris T3
  10. Looks sweet...are these available in CF?
  11. Anyone fitted these? Where to buy?
  12. Where's the Perrin SS from dude?
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