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  1. The 22 models don’t have this infotainment system anymore they phased it out last year.
  2. You don’t get it on the hatch unless you have the Excel apparently.
  3. On the 22 models they Toyota Touch 2 media system is replaced with Toyota Smart Connect which gives you Cloud based nav and some other smart features. It loads your profile when you get in the car.
  4. My quirks are: - No option for leaving/coming home lights on GR sport - Profile doesn’t always load up on initial startup - In built sat nav works with heads up display but obviously you can imagine Google Maps and Waze doesn’t but the inbuilt nav isn’t very intelligent and is pretty much reliant on a data connection which can be hit and miss - Voice control when using iPhone assistance such as Siri doesn’t mute the radio/media so you feel like you battle with the stereo when trying to reply to a text message and I can’t seem to turn the voice volume up - I tried use the parking assistant last night and I have zero trust in it. If I didn’t intervene when it tried to do a perpendicular park it would of lost the back 1/4 panel - Also the USB charger missing in the centre console is a bit irritating I knew they didn’t have them when I purchased the GR Sport so no big deal but the projector headlights that you get on Excel would just make it look 👌
  5. I love mine like any car it’s got some quirks that niggle with me a bit but you can’t have them all.
  6. If your vehicle is now showing data on the MyT app by saying it's processing have a look at the backend via a web browser on a laptop and it should give you a date. 2023 sounds pretty unlikely if you ordered in Jan. Someone has definitely messed up.
  7. Mine was done this month: In build - Tuesday 7th In transit - Friday 10th Delivered - Wednesday 15th Collected - Friday 17th End to end it was 10 days. I would say 5th July is a good forecast you probably won't see it change much.
  8. Collected my hatchback on Friday. It has Hybrid on the boot but not on the the front wing like most do.
  9. Hey. I was wondering if you guys can help me with some subtle differences between Corolla model variations. My friend has a 1.8 Excel 2021 version with the original multimedia system. I picked up my 2.0 GR Sport last week and noticed I’m missing a USB port in the arm rest and also when my friend unlocks his if it’s in a car park or it’s dark outside the lights come on automatically. Is that normal can’t see any options on mine? thanks.
  10. Hi, I picked up my 2.0 Corolla GR Sport on Friday fitted with the new Smart Connect system. I’ve enrolled it in the MyT app and it says all my services are activated but under the available tab it isn’t showing anything and says “we’ll let you know when “You currently don't have any eligible services available to you. We will notify you when new features become available.” Should I expect to see something here. I don’t know the limitations or capabilities of the App as it’s not really well published. All the Toyota guidance is for Yaris Cross and Aygo X Thanks in advance.
  11. I've managed to get my doc's signed. Collecting on Friday. They even sent pictures.
  12. @Notfer - Hadn't been checking my dates in the back end for a few days. Logged on yesterday was showing ETA 17/06 from 23/06. Woke up this morning to an App notification saying it has arrived at the dealer. Subsequently not long after the dealer has emailed me to confirm they've taken receipt of the vehicle and that they'll be in touch later today to arrange collection. 20 weeks from when I ordered it this Friday!
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