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  1. I remember working in a phone shop and when a certain phone came out we had two or three people coming in complaining it was quiet but it was easy to fix. Just remove the screen protector that covered the speaker and mike ports.
  2. That seems about right for a good quality ceramic coat and providing it has been applied correctly should keep it looking pristine.
  3. So hard to tell where prices will go as there are so many factors that have an impact on used car sales. Petrol prices is one factor but there quite a few drivers that really don't want to go down the electric car route and will continue to seek out petrol and diesel cars. The constraints put on the car makers will also have an impact particularly if further rules restrict the performance of the car. There are also hidden factors, for example will the cost of living prices force up the cases of catalytic converters being stolen. If some cars are seen to be favorite targets that could certainly affect the resale value. From a personal point of view I purchased an ex-demonstrator but benefitted from the high prices of older cars thanks to the high trade in that I received on an eight year old CRV so I can't see I am going to lose out no matter what happens to the prices.
  4. Did the instructions give any guidance as to when that advice runs out as it implies that the car has had a coating applied but all coatings have a life which spans anything from six months to six years or beyond. When water stops beading the coating is not longer doing it's job so it will be obvious when some other protection would be required but some sort of guidance as to when that it likely to happen or some way to 'top up' the protection would be useful.
  5. I use a power bank for the same purpose although mine is not permanently connected as I do not use the sentry/ parking mode on a regular basis. I just add the power bank on the occasions I feel it would be a good idea to run the parking mode such as away from home.
  6. Just filled up the Aygo with E5 which is now at £199.9 per litre, well I guess it is not £2 a liter, it was also a Shell station so we had a £1 off voucher.
  7. Insider knowledge in my case, I know the level of training that was given to staff which varied from little to none. The reason I know is because I used to work for them when they started to expand the fitting of car audio to sat-navs and dash cams. In fact I refused to work on any car that I did not feel confident to work on so they moved me from the audio department to the role of a meet and greet. I later left the company rather than be forced to do work I did not feel trained to perform. That was a good few years ago and to be fair to Halfords their rating on Trustpilot is good at 4.5 out of five so maybe they have upped their game. That said most of the complaints were to do with the fitting of equipment slightly more difficult than a battery or windscreen wiper. It is also not difficult to find some real horror stories but that is also true of many other companies so I guess you pay your money and take your choice.
  8. HI Josh, welcome to the forum I hope you learn a lot and have fun in the process, there certainly are some very knowledgeable and helpful people on the forum.
  9. That very much depends really, the only real difficulty is wiring the data and power leads to the back of the car but given the way the cars are designed to buit on a conveyer belt at speed running such wiring is far from difficult. It also depends on the definition of 'experienced', I would respectfully suggest that, if the experienced person is your average Halfords person, you are far better fitting it yourself.
  10. I think the best initial advice for the first time new buyer would be, take your time and do not assume that, because it is a new car, it is not going to have problems. If you can take someone with you do so, two pairs of eyes are better than one.
  11. With the advent of 4K recording and some pretty effective night vision sensors coming from the likes of Sony there is no way that the cameras already installed in the car would be suitable. On the rear camera on my system you can not only clearly see the car registration but there is a great photo of who is in the driving seat and in many cases how many people are in the car. Something I think the insurance company could find very useful with so many scams happening every day on UK roads.
  12. I can't say that I notice a loss of power with the Aircon on, I did once find that the temperature did not seem to drop quick enough but rectified it by using the 'Auto' option which I think switches in the climate control. The only noise I get is a whine when the blower in on full power but this is dependant on the position the vents are set to.
  13. There are occasions when pressure washers come into their own and i suspect I will buy another at some point but thank top my experience with the expensive version it is most likely going to be form the middle aisle of Aldi if at all.
  14. That does seem to be a very easily installed fix if you require a dash cam which I personally is almost a must these days. Even having them fitted can stop a vehicle being selected as a possible target for a crash for cash scam. My Vantrue S1 adds the time, date, speed, location (in degrees West, East, North or South) and registration of vehicle it is programmed with. The Vantrue app also shows the route on goggle maps as the video plays and, therefore, also the location of any incident.
  15. I could accept I no longer have a pressure washer, I used to have an expensive Kärcher washer but it failed spectacularly two weeks after the warranty ran out so I have learnt to manage without.
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