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  1. hi, i´m very interested to buy the Carcept 230500 roofspoiler for my corolla E12. but neither carcept nor distribuitors answered my e'mails... anyone have the roof spoiler?any pics thankss any information i´ll be appreciated!!!
  2. Hi, Mine 3k on clock(just springs nor bumbers) and all is fine. can you explain me that??
  3. hi. did anyone have the TTE Suspension Kit for the Corolla E12? actually i have installed in my car, the suspension is very stiff..... but it's making an annoying sound..... did anybody experienced the noise? any suggestion to eliminate the sound? today i uninstalled and installed twice, to check very closely the front suspension and i can locate the sound. the sound come from the front suspension (the rear suspension is OK!) it's like some metal or a rare sound creaking together with something. what is? i don't know....... the mechanic told me that it could be the pillowball base that hold the strut with the spring. thanksss
  4. the TTE suspension kit (coilovers) actually is maded by Eibach..
  5. well i'll answer all your inquiries... *the C-ONE products can be acquired at www.c-one.jp.co *the CTS E12 is making aprox. 200WHP using a measuring equipmente called Gtech. *the C-ONE PowerECU is just a simple a Modified ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that arranged the best fuel/air mixed adding more power....and it allows you to revs up to 9000rpm .... *the C-ONE CrossMission Close, i think that is the only best close transmision for our 2zzge. it a very close transmision (good for circuit) that every shift that you make will stay at LIFT all the times. *once you take your stock steering, your AIRBAG will be disable
  6. hi, here in panama...we have a very fashion and powerfull Corolla E12. here is some photos: INJEN CAI TRD Clutch & Flywheel + LSD C-ONE Strut Bar C-ONE Close transmision C-ONE Power ECU Unorthodox Full Pullies Set HID 6000k APROX. 200HP!!! MOMO accesories APEXi SAFC II A/F Gauges Custom Shift Light Arospeed (Recaro) bucket seats C-ONE front spoiler, side kirts and rear bumper (including front grille) C-ONE slotted rotors Eibach Lowering Springs Carcept rear spoiler TTE silencer 18" Wheels i hope to enjoy the photos. thanks
  7. EAVP.... hola como esta vecino. soy de Panama.... tienes la opcion de escoger la suspension TTE TRD TEIN EIBACH H&R todos son buenisimos
  8. i got a quick shift set from TRD....for my Corolla Tsport E12 and it make very fast the shift... and very short. also i noticed is more stiff than stock. the install is very very easy, like 25mins to install.
  9. present here!! i'm a proud owner of an 2002 Corolla Tsport here is my pics. Mods: CAI Injen with insulator TRD Short Shifter TTE Full Adjustable Suspension HOTCHKIS Camber Kit + Strut Brace ACT Xtreme Clutch Kit JUN Lightweigh Flywheel Custom Ground Kit Custom Exhaust System with no CAT All Redline Fluids Products SpeedSource Transmision Metal Bushings here is my race: in quarter mile make 15.3 secs with stock wheels & hot temp. thanks.... ZZ Team from Panama, Panama City.
  10. hi acidman... tonight i checked all my suspension setup.. i take out the 2front wheel.... i checked the a kind of numeration of the strut that is: LEFT <--------- (AM2004) RIGHT ---------> (AM2003) i move it to another position....and i'll checked it tomorrow at morning also i'll post some picture. thanks
  11. acidman: did you have an email to make better the contact? how do i move the spring into another position? do i have to lift up the car or moving the bolt upside of the strut? damn it make a crazy noise/// the sound it's like the spring is out of place.
  12. acidman: hey did you have more solutions for my problem?? anyone/?
  13. i have the TTE COILOVERS (complete height adjustable suspension kit) *not the lowering spring* sometime when move the spring of the strut, may go away the noise. but later in a week it come back again.. any solution/ why happen that/? the sound it's like the spring is out of place... *should the rotor be tight in place, because my rotor seems very loose. when i take out the wheel and check it.* i have the same setting as the picture showed.... lately i'll take some picture.
  14. hi, i have an corolla Tsport. powered by 2zzge. i just recently bought a TTE coilovers for my Corolla E12 (ZZ123). i just wanna ask, how do i know if my damper or the same coilovers is damage or is dead?? :( actually i heard some strange sound with the coilovers, when i'm in movement :ffs: ...and another time i heard an horrible sound in some side of the car (left-right). but it just fixed sometime when i tighten the strut.... <_< but it still have a strange sound. HOW I COULD KNOW IF MY DAMPER OR THE SAME COILOVERS IS DAMAGED OR DEAD?? ANYONE WITH THE SUSPENSION KIT?? *hear a very strange sound the i turn the steering wheel in movement. *the strut of the coilovers is made by Eibach. thanks
  15. here is the fastest Tsport in Panama City, Panama aprox. ET 14.7secs. in 1/4miles another one in the drag line! the backside!! cheers!
  16. NICK=JOHNSON that's is the same alloy wheel that comes with the car/// i really like my 16" stock wheels.
  17. here you can see my Blackmica TS with my friend ATOMO (MR2-Aw11 with carburation weber DCOE48) really in the 3th gear i catch him and leave him back ....jejehe he have a really nice Reaction Time..
  18. jajaja :D hi atomo.... hi everybody, i'm one of those 10 Corolla TS in Panama City, Panama... the car is very cooL.. my future mods, will be changing the whole suspension shocks. In Panama, the street is very bad condition with a lots of holes... see ya!.
  19. the TRD quick shift set is also named SHORT SHIFTER....you change the gears more short, easy and fast...it make a good feel when you change the gears. cost $250.00USD made by TRD Japan. the JUN lightweight flywheel or other lightweight flywheel make you revs more faster than stock, i feel a great diference then you push all the gas pedal as 3,000-5,000rpm, you can see how fast is revs your rpms......=) i'll recomendend!! installing a lightweight flywheel will make you stall easily, so if you are a daily driving you will be launching a 2,000rpm minimum to prevent stall.... thanks!!
  20. my best ET time was 15.30secs. with a very bad R/T .800 i have to achieve the R/T :( but it was COOL!! thanks again
  21. hi, guys, i'm from panama, panama city (Latin America) here i'm showing my baby... Toyota Corolla TS 2002 2zzge with Injen CAI (with heat insulator) Custom Ground Kit Clutch ACT XTreme Pressure plates and Disc JUN light-weight flywheel TRD quickshift set here is my engine bay: Here is the 2nd nationals of DRAG in Panama, Corolla TS vs MR2 '89 thanks
  22. ok. the fuel filter is INSIDE the gas tank.... i'll take out all the gas, and refill a new one... but if the problem still there, i might be change the gas pump thnaks guys
  23. hi guys, i already posted a long time this topic. but this problem make me crazy. first, the problem was, when i hit the lift at 6k-8k the car wanna stop, (it's like not enought gas or spark). so, i change the spark plugs, (all the 4 iridium spark plug was burned, unuseable)...the car have better a little. then i changed the IGNITION COIL, and still have the problem.... the last problem i have noticed, is that the A/C (air conditioner) doesn't function very well...it doesn't send enough COLD, to freeze me!!! usuable the A/C send a huge FREEZING AIRr.... I NEED HELP... WHAT IT COULD BE THE PROBLEM? maybe the gas have water?? i try a gas treatment for cleaning all my lines, and injectors also removing the water... (but still the same) IF THE PROBLEM OF THE A/C HAVE COMMON WITH THE ENGINE??? the car run very well at LOW RPM like 3k-4k...... also hit the LIFT VERRY WELL --->ONLLLYY<--- when i fill all the gas tank in FULL!!! HELPP SOS!!! thanks
  24. 2zzge sportivo... how did you make the fuel cut at 8350rpm???
  25. thanks for your reply... today i went to Crazy4Cars, in Panama... i saw a beatifull CTS of my friend Crazy4Cars (!Removed!) an excelent instalation of the S-AFC II .. the UNICHIP how much cost and how many HP increase>>>??
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