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  1. Thanks Cyker - are there any you would recommend? Don’t mind paying a bit more for them
  2. Can anyone recommend the best blind spot mirrors to attach as my car didn’t come with this feature added. Thanks in advance
  3. Do you use the automatically connect to Wi-Fi option with the parking mode switched on?
  4. Mine came with the battery. Am just figuring out how to use it. Would recommend. Sorry to hear of your experience - hope you get it all sorted.
  5. Has anyone else had the front and rear dash cams fitted by Toyota? It’s my first experience of dash cams and the dealer hadn’t had training on the use of them so just ran through a few of the basics. I’m interested in the parking mode - silly question but if I switch this on in the app will it turn itself off automatically when I go to use the car? The dealer also indicated that if I turn on the automatic connect to Wi-Fi mode I can’t have the parking mode on? Interested in how it all works and would appreciate any advice. Please be kind Newbie here as the name suggests! Thanks in advance.
  6. Glad you finally got it. I went for the same colour and love it!
  7. Thank you - dealer took delivery on Wednesday and I could have collected it yesterday if I wasn’t working so think you will have it very soon! Lots to learn on it - I went for both of the dashcams so will be exploring those tomorrow!
  8. Finally collected my Yaris this morning and took it for a run out. First new car that I’ve ever bought and loving it 😀. Lots for me to learn on it so sure I’ll be asking some questions at some point. Hope it’s not too much longer for those waiting. Small consolation at the moment but imo it is definitely worth the wait! 👍
  9. I don’t think I’ll believe it when I get mine but hopefully it will be worth the wait!
  10. Ordered in March and app has now changed from “In Transit Toton” to “In Transit Derbyshire”. Hoping that I will have my car soon! 🤞
  11. Just received the same message on mine. Wondering what the timescale is from now to reaching the retailer.
  12. That’s good news - I got the email and notification but the app has not updated yet (guess it will catch up soon).
  13. Received an email and notification this morning that my build has begun! 😀
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