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  1. They have said they will investigate first, it’s weird as the app reports the mileage and fuel OK just not trips and the location of the car is always shown as at home. I have had a few issues with the sat nav and no connectivity but that has settled down and is fine now. Connecting my phone and the account being me and not a guest is hit and miss, also had to remove my phone off Bluetooth and forget the connection a few times to get it to connect back up successfully. Definitely don’t want the car ripping apart to fix the issue I can live with it not working on the app correctly unless there are other implications. Not a great start with my car considering they are replacing the black gloss boot trim under warranty already.
  2. So after a bit of back and forth with Toyota support as the app stopped reporting journeys since 3rd August and always shows the car sat on the drive (well my neighbours drive!!) they have said the dealer needs to look at it and a module may need replacing.
  3. Took my car in on Monday, they took pictures to send to Toyota and put in a Compass report/claim. Waiting to hear back but can’t see why it won’t get sorted under warranty. Looks like a bad batch during manufacturing wonder how many cars are affected. Will update when the dealer gets back to me.
  4. GSM11

    MyT App

    My app hasn’t worked properly since 3rd August, reports mileage and fuel OK but no trips and always says my car is parked at home. Reported the issue and Toyota and they said to deactivate the connected services and to then reactivate. This didn’t work I have previously deleted and reloaded the app, tried it on an Android phone, disconnected from the car and put my profile back on, none have worked so I am going back to Toyota. My trips are quite short but don’t see why that would affect it.
  5. Toyota cloud not working on my car tonight, it’s been on and off since last Wednesday. SOS button is always green but app says all the time that my car is at home and no trips recorded since last Wednesday.
  6. So I took my car to to the dealer today, they tried to see if it would polish out but quickly came back saying it wasn’t right and no acceptable. Have had to book it in with service to get a report completed and photos taken.
  7. No I haven’t even fully washed it yet and only ever wash my car myself. I had only gone out to clean off some mud on the doors and rear bumper when I noticed it.
  8. Thanks Bob, I am taking into the dealer tomorrow and see what they say, they need to sort it as it’s not down to anything I have done and shouldn’t be like that after 2 weeks.
  9. I hope if that is the case I don’t have to fight to get it sorted, I only picked the car up 2 weeks ago tomorrow.
  10. Thanks both I will try what you have suggested and if not go to the dealer. Just odd as I haven’t put anything on the car and can’t believe it has marked so soon after getting the car.
  11. I just went to wipe off some dirt of my car and noticed the black rear trim had water marks on it. However they won’t come off I tired water and a bit of soap and they are still there. Any ideas on what will get it off? Not too happy as I have only had the car a few weeks and not fully washed it yet so it’s either rain or the washer fluid that has caused it.
  12. Thought I would post my thoughts on my first week with my Yaris Excel. First - Toyota I have ever owned, automatic and proper hybrid (my old CX30 was a mild hybrid). So far I really like it, got use to having no clutch to press and can’t say I miss it. Likes - great looking, it picks up well when you need it to, feels relaxing to drive, great MPG already, loads of safety features for such a small car, feel spacious in the front for its size. Gripes - can’t seem to get my seat quite right yet, getting hip pain (have read the threads on seat comfort), reversing camera picture is poor compared to my CX30, sound from the stereo isn’t great (maybe need to tweak some settings). I didn’t go for the HUD which I really thought I would miss but I am finding it fine without it so far, ride is firmer than my old car but not uncomfortable. Overall I really like it and don’t regret switching out of my CX30 the whole idea was a smaller, better MPG and cheaper per month car. Also I have found this forum really useful for information so thanks to everyone who contributes.
  13. Good colour choice, I picked my Excel up today in the same colour 😁. First time hybrid owner will see how it goes, all good so far.
  14. I pick my car up on Monday, I am really pleased considering original delivery date was 1st September. Mine is an Excel with no extras hence the shorter delivery time than otiginall6 quoted.
  15. Message today on My T app that my car is a the dealership. Dealer rang to say great news we will have your car next week. I think it has arrived as it fits with the estimated delivery to final location off the developer tool bit. Hopefully will have it by the end of next week. First hybrid I have ever own so it’s going to be interesting.
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