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  1. Is there a change to the congestion charge discount? It is currently proposed that the CO2 exemption from the congestion charge is moved down from 99g to 75g beginning July 2013. This means that the only prius that would be eligible is the plug-in For 99g and below prius users that have registered for exemption before July, their exemption will be extended to 2015 rgds
  2. interesting I was asking about the Prius +, which has 16" (T4) or 17" (T-Spirit) The Prius + is apparently quieter on the road then the current Prius Your point about the cost of the tyres is well taken, I bought 18" on my current car because they look nice, but they have cost me a fortune over the years
  3. I was thinking of the T4 with leather seats and satnav, just to get the congestion charge exemption for London Now thats over in July, and thus won't effect the long term resale value, it seems better value to get the T-Spirit The only thing I was concerned about is whether its alot more bumpy with the 17" wheels Anyone driven both who can comment ?
  4. I love the US government. The balls to attack a dictator without licking his bum like the Europeans! things are not so black and white here m8, alot of us in the UK support the GOP rgds
  5. colonel


    Scionic said: A larger 4x4 is not sensible city and in town transportation and it most certainly pollutes more, takes up more room and definitely obstructs the view of other drivers and puts them at more risk because you selfishly choose to drive a vehicle that weighs 2-3 times as much as an average car. You aren't on safari in Kenya, you're driving to work. Forget the 'IQ' challenged nonsense, people who feel they must drive a large 4x4 in the city/town are insecure and challeneged in a different part of their anatomy. Vans, buses, cabs and coaches all serve a purpose that could not otherwise be filled by a socially responsible commuter car. I'm sure your Land Cruiser can carry 8. When was the last time it was seen with anything more than you and a breifcase in it though? I say: Hi Scionic, A US poster. I though you guys all drove 6 litre vehicles. A few things you might like to note: 1. The Landcruiser sold in the US is different from the one sold in the UK (which isn't available in the US). In the US the car sold as the Landcruiser is called the Landcruiser Amazon in the UK. I don't have this car. 2. The car I have is a 3litre diesel. It has better fuel consumption then the 2 litre I used to drive. It also has better fuel consumption then most of the Mercedes, BMWs and Jaguars (and others) on the road, namely 38mpg@50 and 30mpg in town. 3. The car is always full of stuff. I have a family !!! 4. I rarely drive in London except on the occasional weekend when we go for walks down the river 5. I take the train in to work every day in london. Neither myself or my wife ever drives into work. FYI London is the biggest city in Europe and the biggest in the world by populace outside China. It also has a massive surface area. Put it this way, London is split into 20-30 boroughs. A borough like Camden is bugger then Manahattan. 6. The LC takes much less room then most estates, and all the vans, cabs and buses that London is full off. Saying you can't see over it is quick a stupid red herring. 7. I don't have a briefcase, I take an Addidas rucksack into work. We don't wear suits where I work. 8. I never mix s*x and anything else, except holidays. People that do normally have issues. So basically you are talking a load of £$"£!. Although I am sure you are a jolly nice person if I met you socially. rgds c.
  6. colonel


    and another thing: "The protest follows increasing division in the scientific community regarding climate change. Professor David Bellamy has been particularly outspoken in his refusal to accept the arguments for man made climate change, citing it as a natural occurrence. In a keynote speech to the scientific community in January this year he stated: “Global warming is a largely natural phenomenon. The world is wasting stupendous amounts of money on trying to fix something that can’t be fixed.” We are talking about people with extremely low IQ here!
  7. colonel


    hmmmm. This is nothing worse or better about 4x4 in cities. It is all aload of nonsense by the 'Jealous' brigade who used to hate people with mobile phones as it proved they were well off. Even worse, yuppies were young. How dare you be doing well and young !! No wonder this countries' manufacturing is going down the plughole as we discourage achievement! London is full of VANs, Buses, cabs and coaches. There is plenty of room on London's roads for these vehicles and 4x4s are much smaller. My last 4x4 was a nissan xtrail with a 2 litre engine and low fuel consumption. My new car is a Land Cruiser with a 3 litre diesel and lower fuel consumption then my xtrail. It has better fuel consumption then most BMW, Mercedes and Jaguars and other luxury saloons. It can carry 8 people at higher efficiency then alot of people carriers like the Chrysler Voyager. It has a smaller road footprint then many estate cars and big cars like the mercedes SL. People who rail against 4x4s are 'IQ challenged' and it upsets me that this type of person, who can't cope with empirical evidence, are allowed to vote!
  8. guys, stupid question. if I wanted to do this (i.e. upgrade from TNS300), where would I buy the full screen colour satnav system (e.g. from the lc5) ? and anyone know how much it costs. Surely there would need to be more work ? as the full screen colour system also allows you to control the temperature control ? or do you just take out this instrument as well ? rgds c.