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  1. Hi Firstly, thanks for all of the replies much appreciated. Can I ask if your cars have " hill assist " as I don't think my 2008 Prius T Spirit has that feature and if that has any bearing on the best procedure ? Thanks
  2. Hi I have just taken ownership of a 2008 Prius T Spirit with full main dealer service history (135000 miles) in great condition. Can you please help with one question ? I have read the manual but I am uncertain what the correct procedure is when stationery at traffic lights for a long period - is it safe to press the " Park Button " and take my foot of the brake pedal which I think puts the shift lever in park - then put the shift lever in "Drive" when the traffic lights change - or will the car go backwards if I am on a hill as I don't think the 2008 model has "hill assist" ? Thanks
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