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  1. See my list below! German cars from when they were designed and built properly. The E class is 2002, but has the W124 underpinnings.... just rust is a problem.....
  2. Here are mine - can you see a theme??? Where are you in Wiltshire, we used to live in Calne(fornia!!!) 1. Audi 80 CL saloon 2. Audi 80 Sport saloon 3. Audi 80 Sport saloon 4. Audi 80 TDI avant 5. Audi 100 quattro avant 6. Audi 100 quattro saloon 7. Audi 100 SE avant 8. Audi 100 turbo avant 9. Audi A4 1.9 TDI SE avant VW T4 Caravelle Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE Mercedes E320CDI wagon Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI
  3. had to use it to go shopping on the weekend, noticed that 4th is whining a lot too....
  4. Sounds like the cheap ones are OK then - no need to get a LUK one then... I've already ordered one off eBay, but thanks for the recommendations.
  5. I'll get that "dogbone" mount as well as the repair kit - got to be worth it while I'm getting the clutch and gearbox done I guess. Will get garage to check mount first though.... Thanks for your help,
  6. Not checked engine mounts - is this the one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313586836409?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota|Model%3AAygo&hash=item49033b63b9:g:6uIAAOSwpQ9g3Sxt When you say "the shifters". do you mean the cables going to and from the gear knob? The clutch is here on eBay, with pressure plate and bearing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333792608948?fits=Model%3AAygo&_trkparms=ispr%3D5&hash=item4db79702b4:g:HRsAAOSwdqlh782P&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACcPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSprd4IgPv6LBzlteBBg9Pe6nbawpBeO5QVqWER1gl0fHSG%2BUTDYUwRnv0vnvDfoOiQ3qQS8DVFCSWxzzekwMVtbshNoiuVDEwxMP94O%2F7FQPY6XtKnBpoVlPK0rB0cenHeD2gi%2FGCrhgp7IJVGHoxFckUQNY14eQOotFIspxGG3%2FGX32y6RfoTvKGSXSag344QhlUupORfY3JTbbjJhQcZWEGYLpCoCTAsmuoX8IlzEX25dI0G79Odl1S2laoGqieOopFuLjuQmKkck7NDBL0Ga7U%2BZgwRBiWI3lE5IVZG%2BSlOPEkR0IlXcy%2Br8WTWT%2B15b70N9gEaP9loLjt7%2FdV1vJlwvQrVQl0T8HqpchtadEznzFQxuKtPOvyX8Ejo%2Bqh2s%2BzsdaFwPIA%2FcR7G7M0EhxyU8gtgvFrNhajL8ivOBVvblMGie68HJnr9K8hXdGWQ0qH3o3DNEbJl0oM1iKQBbKUOWUPiUz0a5uj0eIA4bN97m7R4nC55IS1MIaG4FdzJT91IfKbTcJxmVOYz1ExPQoD4zRrfQOYosDKZkGiIQFb184oLGFTKa2F9JkRpbW30ZryBbtfX2%2FPiDyMSifkdVqgqMcJn0Qy8ab6v9Ro3agCCIRa6s8gx0SAjF6F3tI8G4KmYD2Qs7un6vcKI17sCAR%2BORZP8oBEm413S4STjeAgjVxKaOEtVGA4l9qT9Qmr9SQ8M5Z3zJQRbYEyB1KHX4o%2BL375o73P6srWQPXNcBNNzyXO74ZWI6E1ca%2F5b2Btcw2Y2WBPUsBozzdXYHXuPQ%3D%3D|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABlBMULaBgevpXw
  7. as in "water leaks into the passenger cabin"??? Yeah it does that!!!!
  8. I have had many many Audis !. G reg 100 2.3e quattro, C reg 80CL, B reg 80 Sport, L reg 80TDI avant, A4 TDI. Plus had a few for spares...... All well over 100k! Big cars, big bills. I like the simplicity of the Aygo - would be good if it had A/C.. and cruise control..... It's the evolution of the 1998 106 Peugeot that was my wife's first car. Not that much to go wrong with it. Cheap tyres, cheap parts.... simple for a mechanic to work on. The Discovery3 is a nightmare - needs to go to a specialist for 4 weeks (as he's so busy) for every little thing that goes wrong..... normal mechanics won't touch it.
  9. Will do. Ordered new "uprated" clutch kit too for £49 - seems there was a problem with the original ones. Will be interesting to get it done. Watched it on YouTube, looks fairly straightforward, and took the guy 4 hours. I'll contact garage later. Will get my 2002 E320CDI mercedes back on the road as we have 4 cars and three have faults (Aygo - gearbox, Discovery 3 - oil leak, VW T4, minor fuel leak).
  10. I have found a gearbox from a 2014 car with 54000 miles on it, for £150 (pounds). Will probably buy that one. Many thanks for posting.
  11. thank you Ivan Haelewyn, I get what you're saying about the reliability. The engine is a cracker, depends who made the gearbox, if its french or japanese. I'm looking on eBay for low mileage gearboxes now, and will source a clutch. It's a lovely car to drive!
  12. HI, I borrowed my daughter's car, 2009 Aygo 1.0 petrol, manual. Roughly 109,000 miles on it. Going down the motorway I noticed it was hard to get into 3rd, when slowing down in some slower traffic. Next day going up a hill in 3rd at 60mph, it popped out of 3rd gear, and would always pop out when under load. I guess the gearbox is knackered. Are they all made of cheese? I'm used to German vehicles, got a VW T4 with 300,000 miles on it, still on the original gearbox (and, I suspect, the original clutch!). Is it "pick any Aygo gearbox off eBay, and play the Aygo gearbox lottery?" Try and find the newest and lowest mileage one I can? I'll replace the clutch too while the gearbox is out. Or scrap the car and get something German? We paid £900 for it, and the repair will cost a few hundred £££......
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