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  1. Just my opinion but the 17inch wheels are not worth the trade off for ride comfort. I went in Magpie mode because the wheels are so shiny, didn’t really contemplate the ride being so harsh at the time of order.
  2. Yes, definitely a good idea having a spare wheel over the tyre sealant, any loss in mpg over the ownership of the car with carrying the additional weight is worth it.
  3. Ummm, I only put the post up of a few annoyances with the Yaris, they are just my opinions. Now it’s boiled up to Top Trumps qualifications and the Vauxhall on my drive was a bad choice??? Yep I’m an old school mechanic, started at 14 years old got just as many real qualifications as you and the letters after my name, and I left it all behind for a much better career. The Corsa e was to dip my toe into a full EV, it hasn’t been plain sailing for sure, but feels quite well screwed together and behind the trims (I’ve had both cars apart for front and rear dash camera’s) it is certainly on par if not better for build quality, and that was my point. I worked at a Toyota dealership in the 90’s and remember the Camry, carina, previa, starlets and alike, they were so boring but utterly bullet proof, but pretty much all cars of today are built with costs behind them and the Yaris is no exception I’m afraid. As I said it is a good car, just has a few annoyances, but I’m not about to drive down to the dealership and demand my money back because I feel the back windows are too dark or the car is not particularly comfortable. Nothing is usually perfect in life, so can we all just accept my opinions are my opinions and just move on?
  4. Horses for courses, we are all different…..oh, and I was a master technician/workshop controller for a main dealer for 13 years, I’ve hung my spanner’s up now though 😉.
  5. So, I’ve had the Yaris for nearly a month, now the novelty has worn off I can see a few annoyances showing through. I’m not going to bang on about it, because it is what it is, but so far; 1) The doors, my goodness what a tinny sounding car, I’ve owned over 40 cars in 30 years of car ownership, and this is by far the worst for sounding, well, Cheap!! 2) Steering wheel height, the steering wheel sits too low for me, even with the seat as far down as possible, I’m just under 6ft but feel like a giant behind the wheel, it’s very “Peugeot 208” and it’s quite uncomfortable after a while. 3) Doors (again), wife, kids, me, all getting tired of shutting a door, to find it hasn’t shut and needs a hard slam to get it shut (which makes it sound even more tinny-see 1 above!) 4) The back window and the rear view mirror, I can barely see out of the back window, it’s so darkly tinted, with sunglasses on I cannot see anything, and is quite dangerous to be honest, really relying on door mirrors a lot, and glad of the blind spot monitoring. 5) The ride. Well what can I say? If I was 20 years younger I’d be chuffed, but oh my Lord it really is a bone shaker and teeth chatterer! The larger alloy wheel really make a difference in making it very hard on the spine, I know I can swap the wheels out, but I refuse to spend anymore money, so just going to have to live with it. So, what it has done is made me realise just how far other manufacturers have come! I have a 2021 Vauxhall Corsa e and it really does put the Yaris too shame in many areas, I suspect the Vauxhall won’t be anywhere near as reliable and even perhaps hard wearing in the long term but it is a surprise to be honest. Thankfully the Yaris is the wife’s car, so I’ll only drive it occasionally. The Yaris is still a good car, and plenty of positive things about it, but perhaps I was expecting too much from it? 🤔
  6. As regards to Private registration, I’ve done this a few times where the first registration is with the number plate on retention. When you come to sell the car or want to just remove the number plate from the Aygo X, once you place the number plate on retention you will automatically have assigned a new number plate which is specific for year and area the car was registered.
  7. I ordered a now no longer available Dynamic with city pack in November 2021. The dealer told me the city pack would add a long delay to the vehicle and advised to not order it, but I decided I would of regretted not ticking that option, so went with it with an intention to sit it out. I was told it was estimated to arrive in July 22. To my surprise the vehicle was at the dealers in early April, and apart from a faff trying to get a date for pick up, I had the vehicle on the drive by end of April some three months before planned. So, from my experience the estimated dates are not fully reliable, but I do know the supply chains are very volatile at the moment for many different reasons. I hope the wait isn’t too long for you and it arrives earlier than planned, it is worth the wait as it does appear to be generally a good car.
  8. While I praise your attitude towards protecting your new Aygo X, I would approach the Supagard sold by dealers with some caution. The sales executives love to big this product up and promise big things from it. Unfortunately it’s all about commission and is smoke and mirrors in the end. I worked in a main dealer for 13 years (over 15 years ago now), and they flogged this stuff to many many unsuspecting customers, promising amazing protection from tree sap, bird lime or from interior spills from Ribena and alike. Sadly I lost count of the amount of complaints it got over the long term! Do you want to hear the truth? Most of the products ended up in the bin! The kit would be given to the contract agency cleaner who was at the time (early 00’s) given £6 to clean a brand new car. Supagard polish needs to be applied and left for quite a few hours to dry before removing, the interior spray for fabric applied carefully to seat materials, carpets etc and left to dry (whole spray can), wheels clean and then sprayed with the protector and then the interior plastics coated with a different protector spray. Quite a comprehensive product for the money, sadly though the £6 the cleaner gets would actually mean the polish would be applied and quickly rubbed off, the carpet/seats loosely sprayed and the rest? Yeah, in the bin. It was a rip off, with dealers charging £300-£400 for a kit that was bought in bulk for £25 a pack. So, moving on to 2022. I’ve just bought a new Toyota and guess what? Yes the dealer offered me the chance of a “free” amazing supagard paint protection (it wasn’t free, it was a fiddle of the figures to make me believe it was free), I thought, go one then, let’s see if things have changed, I’ll take a punt on it. I picked the car up, and in the boot was my protection pack to keep on top of the supagard protection. Once I got the car home I did my usual intense car valet to check for paint defects and to get to see the car up close (hey I’ve just paid £20k+, I want it perfect if you please!). So what did I find? Yep, unprotected paint, no beading of water and it actually had fallout of rust, transportation debris and general grime and needed hours of claybar rubbing back before a cutting compound, a polish then a wax! The Interior was as suspected, zero protection, no beading with a test with water on seats and carpet as it should do. So armed with pictures for proof, I approached the dealer, who very quickly offered to “reapply” the supagard, to which I refused. So magically and not very reluctantly I was refunded £300 for my “free” supagard!!!! It seems nothing has changed in the last 15 years, it’s always about the commission and the fact the demonstration kits the Sales teams use promise and show amazing things, when actually it’s a mediocre product applied by poorly paid people. So as I said, approach with caution…..
  9. I reckon It’s coming by sleigh 🎅🤯
  10. Glad to hear you have the Yaris back, with improvements. All the delays and issues with supply it’s almost a privileged feeling that we have actually managed to get new cars! Even though they weren’t exactly screwed together perfectly 🤨.
  11. Tell me about it, I worked on Renault’s for 13 years, still have the scars to prove it and the nice nurse’s are just slowly reducing my medication now. 😅
  12. I finally picked mine up after a faff of getting a time slot that worked. I inspected the car before paperwork and money and I was happy enough with panel gaps etc, albeit not absolutely perfect. A good clean the following day needed the claybar and plenty of polish and wax for hours to remove rust debris from the front bumper (from the train journey into the country I expect). I also cleaned and waxed the rest of the car, to bring it up to what I would consider clean, not dealer clean. I have found three small areas of dirt in the paint, but I don’t want them touched as I don’t think they warrant disturbing factory paint over (yet). The last few cars I have had, have all had some sort of dirt in the paint, but you have to weigh up if a repaint would be an improvement or not. All my cases, not, so left alone. I have one tyre a year older than the rest, (seems new as other three and factory fresh and nothing to suggest a repair at import centre, or wheel tyre have been disturbed?). It’s matching in make and design etc, so can’t really push for much on that, just a query. So far, seems okay, but I’m a nervous buyer that trusts no one or anything but Once a few more miles are on the clock I might lighten up a little.
  13. I am supposed to be collecting mine tomorrow. I am 100% convinced with the delays that the dealer imposed that the car is going to show signs of damage repair, and I’m certainly going to be all over the panel gaps. Usually the dealer wants the full deposit before pick up, this time strangely they have not asked for it, so that makes me even more suspect. I will be turning up early so to go over the whole car before even thinking about paperwork or money. I have that sinking feeling tomorrow will go badly. My new car last year (an EV) resulted in two rejections and nine months of fighting the dealer and manufacturer (not Toyota), before finally getting a replacement that wasn’t faulty, so you can see why perhaps I don’t feel overwhelmed or Confident in this new Yaris being any good after how the dealer has behaved.
  14. It’s a Marshall dealership in the South East. So over last few days communication has finally been made and a pick up date finally agreed upon. I’m still far from impressed at the moment with the delay and have zero trust with them. I’m inspecting the car before signing ownership later this week.
  15. Dealer is a 40 minute drive from hell away, so going there is not something I want to do regularly. I admit my time schedule is tight but I have given dates and days without any success. I’m tired of the excuses and silence, the new car excitement has gone, the dates I’ve given are closing as well. I don’t trust dealers from any manufacturer after a lot of previous bad experiences, so this isn’t boding well. I’ll see what early next week brings.
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