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  1. Hello we have a AHP-20 and love it, we bought it for the disabled seat. Now I am fairly handy with DIY mechanics. I am stumped, replaced all brake pads and bleed them all and 3 now problem. The back right will not pump any fluid through plus all the ABS and red brake lights are on. Pedal is horrible. I have bled all of them again to make sure. As I have no manual and cant read Japanese, I am stomped. Any help please or ideas as we need the car on a daily bases. Thank you
  2. Need some help I’ve a Estima hybrid with 64k miles 2006. it’s eating oil, I thought piston rings were gone. There is no smoke on start or driving. no water in oil so no head gasket problems. I’ve put cardboard under the car and no leaks. im stumped.
  3. I'm desperate for a workshop manual. I've do have soooooo many jobs to do.
  4. Strip it out to two seats. Only joking but mph would be better 😆
  5. Hi I have a Estima Hybrid 64k miles. Has any had oil consumption issues. No oil drops or white/ grey smoke. Any ideas??
  6. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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