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  1. I read all your answers carefully. A friend of mine changed exhaust he said he doesn't have prob with warranty. Another changed audio speakers he said he doesn't have problem with warranty. So i wonder what's the truth behind all these. Cause if i wait the 6 years of warranty of toyota surely i would have bought other car till then
  2. What you mean. There is no any general rule exists for toyota???
  3. Regarding modifications i wonder if installing a body kit does this voids your warranty?? Also installing exhaust voids warranty?
  4. On corolla i use it at the only one usb port that has ๐Ÿ˜•
  5. To be honest never had any issue regarding response on the old system. Ofc i use a box for wireless connectivity.
  6. But on the model that i saw there was the roll button on the left side (Power) only the second one (scroll) was missing.
  7. Good day all, Recently i saw a friend's corolla model 2022 and i noticed that at the screen the roll button on the right side was missing. Why is that. Do they have any major changes from 2021 models? or is just only a button. Oh they also have wireless android auto?
  8. There is also carlinkit that is similar to that and smaller in size. but the price is also same like that ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Yeap and if there is a newer audio version
  10. Cause i would like also to be able to update my firmware and this functionality with wifi and these online stuff comes only with the navigation together Also when i am trying to check what is the latest firmware and i am giving my VIN at toyota site says "Requested VIN data not found" What is that
  11. So today i went to my dealer and told me that this needs new cpu dunno if i am telling this right. And we have to see because the model of this car is new....Sounds like so difiicult to be done? Does anybody know what parts need to be installed additionally?
  12. So in that case i need to update through toyota dealer right??
  13. I cannot find any system information. only firmware information. and says 1189
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