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  1. so did your plan work then by playing the dealer against each other? btw, im not jealous at all.........
  2. As above - if you could, it would be worth getting some lowering springs to go with the stiffened shocks, but I would not recommend upgrading the springs alone! uprated springs + shocks = good combo! you could also add a strut brace to reduce roll
  3. that is the sort of finish i want to achieve, it looks amazing! spraying small objects such as my wing mirror and the two spoiler pillars was not too bad. the clear coat on my wing mirror came up sweet, really pleased with the result! i must;ve wasted 3x cans trying to get the paint righ on the spoiler, and that is just on the under-side and i just cant seem to get it right! Where do you get the double enamal acrylic paint? like you, i do all my work in the garage and it is always cold in there (most probably the reason why the paint comes out blotchy!) and this paint sounds ideal!
  4. nice work dude - the car is looking the nuts!! I know exactly where you are coming from - i've resprayed my wing mirror and i am in the process of spraying my TRD spoiler using rattle cans and the prep that goes into it is just unreal! 90% prep and 10% spray i'd say... and like you im hugely enjoying doing all this and i have wondered why i didnt take this up ages ago?! a quick question, when you were spraying the TTE spoiler, did you have any issues with blotches when spraying over such a large surface area?
  5. love the headlights! i was after a set for my previous car many moons ago but i gave up in the end as they never made them for RHD-cars. i believe they are made in germany or something and thus the light is directed the other way - how have you overcome this issue?
  6. chill steve! :) I was merely throwing some options at PaulinhoT as he seems to have a budget he is willing to spend, something i wish i had! but he is being cautions about it, rightly so as it is a lot of dough. the 4age and 3sge / 3sgte route has already been done many of times, dont get me wrong i am not dissing anyone that is currently or have done the conversion in the past - i was just thinking outside the box... BUT, it is definitely cheaper, when compared to other conversions so more bang for your bucks, and it is proven with many enthusiasts, and it works!! of course all this makes sense. but with a healthy budget why not try something off beat, something different and make something special... just an idea, btw...
  7. wow, that is crazy money! i reckon you should ditch the idea of improving the style and go for power mods, keep the kit you got on as it is awesome looking anyway, plus it'll be a sleeper car!! go for something like a 2ZZ-GE transplant which would be rather special as i only know of 1 car that has done this, albeit it is on a AE92 GTZ Levin, and there is currently another lad doing this conversion to his AE111 levin! i reckon that could be achieved by using the grand total for the WRC wide bodykit alone, although it'll depend on how much you are doing yourself...
  8. did you ever get the speedo out?? the reason you cant pull it out is because it is still connected to the speedo-cable! you need to undo the cable from the engine bay if i remember correctly... look under the hood by the firewall and you should see a cable pretty much coming out at the same level the speedo is at, trace it down about 30cm is where you unscrew the cable, very easy! i had to do this when i was replaced my normal speedo with a G6 speedo, That was however on the Pre-facelift E11, might be different on the facelift????
  9. usually when one side has gone, the other side will follow shortly. you know when it is knackered when the suspension is knocking when going over bumps etc.
  10. im intrigued, how did you get hold of a Carina GT??
  11. that is interesting becasue most 4age 20v owners that is going down the forced induction route are inclined to forge their internals - be it silver-top / 4agze con-rods, pistons etc. The BT's rods are known to be quite weak, which is why most people going down the F/I route they would use ST rods. i cant comment on 7AFE or 4AFE as i do not know much about them but i would be careful when boosting a 4age BT without any internal upgrades.
  12. love the car KP, it certainly has come together really well!! I wouldnt go for the C160, appartenly it is weaker when compared to the C56 (both with LSD) - this seems to be the general consensus amongst the ae111 (levin) community btw oh and i have read similar reports about the PI springs - they corroded and snapped after just one year of usage!!? this happened to one of the members at clubae111
  13. I can definitely vouch for tony, and his work is awesome!! I had a similar problem where my centre section was on its way out due to the damn speed humps + the flexi bit on my down pipe needed replacing. he gave me a quote for a full stainless steel cat-back system for £240, that was also including keeping the RS-R back box. dropped the car off in the morning and his boys had it turned around in a couple of hours and it has been sweet as ever since! cant fault his work at all, im definitely using him again!!
  14. WOW!! i want one, even the factory kit looks good!! I thought GReddy went bust??
  15. very nice indeed!! how did you source the forged parts? Also i've always wondered, do the AE101 FX come with super-strut suspensions?
  16. bigshark

    Juddering ?

    my guess is also on the clutch. does it happen when you are in neutral or only when you are in gear, i.e accelarating?
  17. Panic over! i got on to them 1st thing this morning explaining the situation, and they came back to me and said they would match my best quote so i have deceided to stick with them. cheers for the adivse people. insurance can be a big scam and you can not do wihtout it.
  18. im sure a lot of people on here use sky insurance and i'm just wondering if anyone here know what is the craic with their renewal / cancellation policy? Also, they used to have their own thread on this forum (what happened?) basically i got my renewals notice on 11th feb and i have up to now been searching for a better deal, reason and to cut a long story short i simply cant afford what sky has quote me. I got a call from them on 21/02/2012 to remind me that my insurance is due on 26/02/2012 bla bla bla, and i explained the situation to them that im looking for a better deal and i'll get back to them. the girl said the latest i could get back to them is on the 25/02/2012. Fine so today (22/02/2012) i received a letter saying that my insurance has been automatically renewed and payment will be collected by DD, bearing in mind my insurance policy do not expire unit 26/02/2012 at 12:00PM. Plus i never gave them the 'go a-head'. so, where do i stand now, is it too late for me to tell them that i do not wish to renew my policy with them, or is that 'confirmation' letter basically tying me into a contract, so cancellation will incur charges + extra hidden charges... and then some! i am absolutely livid that i have received this letter, and if i got home any sooner today i would've called them straight away!
  19. are you sure that is a levin? toyota officially stopped producing the levin back in 2001. Could it just be a corolla (E12 VVTL-I)? oh, post some pics up btw.
  20. hi KwikFit, I'll pass on your detials to my friend. rgds
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