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  1. Just completed the first 1000 miles in my Touring Sports and still finding things to query. Can anyone tell me about the Fast/Eco switch on the a/c? The manual has no mention of it at all as far as I can see. The mpg seems to have declined with the warm weather. I'm guessing this is the a/c? It's down about 4 mpg at the moment. Thanks all
  2. Sounds interesting. How much did it all cost? I'm not wild about Toyota's prices for bars etc.
  3. Does anyone know of a rear door cycle carrier that works for the Touring Sports, without the expense of fitting a tow bar?
  4. Where I live in Norfolk there is not much call for the B position; the exception is Gas Hill in Norwich. However I am now holidaying near Deepcar South Yorks and I'd say that B is essential round here. It really makes a difference on these hills. It would quickly trash the pads otherwise.
  5. Thanks for this video. No wonder the manual doesn't make it clear! Everyone should watch this.
  6. Yey another query on my new Touring Sports, but this forum is brilliant! Can anyone tell me about the B position on the gear selector? There is mention in the manual but it's not clear what it does or when to use the position. Thanks in advance.
  7. Briefly: No need to go above the basic Icon really. You don't get sat nav but if you plug in your phone you will get better sat nav that way at nil cost. The extra cost for Icon Tech doesn't buy you a whole lot.
  8. Can anyone advise on a mysterious button in the boot of my Touring Sports? It is on the left side, a circular switch marked Off and P. There seems to be no explanation in the manual. Sorry if I'm being dim. Thanks.
  9. Toyota are responsible for this. You bought a car with tyres and they should deal with it. If you had faulty plugs you would not expect to be referred to Champion or Bosch. Don't take no for an answer.
  10. I've just completed 300 miles in my new Touring Sports 1.8. I've been in Normal Mode throughout and am getting about 66 mph including a fair numnber of short runs. I'm not clear what ECO Mode actually does so would be interested in hearing people's experience of it. I tried it today and didn't notice any difference in the way the car drives. Thanks
  11. I too had an Anglia in the sixties - pale blue. But more to the pointy on this thread, if I leave my Corolla at an airport for three weeks, how likely is it that the battery will be flat when I return?
  12. Thanks both. All clear now. I hadn't clocked that the buttons and the dials are unrelated.
  13. Just getting used to my new Touring Sports. Its all dandy so far but I'm a bit puzzled by the heating/ac controls and the handbook doesn't help. The left dial is marked Dual and the right one is Auto. Could someone please explain what these do? Thanks in advance.
  14. This is right about earlier Skodas. I had an Octavias which trashed the rear tyres in less than 30,000 miles. There was a lot of arguement with Skoda but they changed the specification in the end and the problem was resolved. It was a common problem at the time.
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