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  1. Those with a 2.0 TS. How quick is it? I’m coming from a 215bhp A250e Merc.
  2. Great stuff, my TS GR (White) is due at the dealership for 2nd of Sept. It’s been a long wait. But I can’t believe more care wasn’t taken to make sure your car was fit for duty. I would have been pretty fuming after the long wait. Great colour combo. Yes I also went for the GR for looks over functionality 😀
  3. You tried pairing with apple car play or android auto as I would only use those.
  4. How long approx from showing Derbyshire to delivery?
  5. Mine just populated with Derbyshire as well. Whoop! Ordered 16th March
  6. Someone has messed up there? Did you order through dealership?
  7. Good to hear, also got a TS on order for Sept. But I can’t remember what the test drive was like so long ago now 😀
  8. As I ordered mid March, I’m looking at July then for build notification. Fingers crossed I need the car before Sept 8th!
  9. Many elements in Safari, prob easier to download chrome or I could write a quick script
  10. Take it, sell it back for more money, put a deposit down on an approved used XC60 ☺️. But I feel for you, I’d be pretty fuming.
  11. Update from dealer (2.0 GR TS White). Ordered 16/3. Looking like Sept now. I need this car before Sept as I’m supposed to be driving to Scotland with family!
  12. Congratulations, looking forward to my turn
  13. Wow, not bad for build timing. I ordered 16th of March. So I should get the same news end of May. Hopefully.
  14. Great news! When and what have you ordered again?
  15. No one actually knows if it will go ahead in the UK. It has lots of consequences with the luxury car market as well as the reliability of technology. As an IT guy, that makes me nervous. My 70 plate Merc, already has an option to switch on speed limit recognition. Had to switch it off due to picking up 56mph speed signs on the back of lorries and dramatically trying to slow, also does not work in the rain.
  16. Nice choice 👍🏻. Having researched multiple car manufacturers due to needing a new car asap, I think Toyota is up there with one of the fastest for this model. Most dealerships been quoting me 8-9 months to a year. I just hope mine doesn’t come with the dreaded new speed limit software 😌.
  17. When did you order yours? Is it the 1.8 or 2.0?
  18. Just had MyT update with order number and slightly changed wording. Does this mean anything?
  19. For those ordering the Touring GR sport. Do you know if it has a power assisted boot (with the button on the boot). Plenty of reviews in Europe show it. Although not sure if UK version comes with one.
  20. Nice, I almost went for the same colour. But also loved the pure white with black wheels. 😀
  21. Haven’t got it yet! I agree, I almost kept the ID3 order as I could have probably made a few grand on it. But I don’t want to feed the system. 😌
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