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  1. Hi All, I believe theres two options: red and pink? Which to use?
  2. Hi Guys, I am a new owner of a 64 plate Auris Hybrid. I used to have a 10 plate prius and it only had 1 coolant top up. Upon checking under my car bonnet today on the off chance I noticed the auris has 2. The one on the left is slightly lower and on the low sign, yet the other one which I believe is the inverter is fine and on the full line. Do both use the same normal pink type coolant, bit worried as I dont want to drive and damage the car. appreciate your help. Thanks
  3. Correct, I could. Just assuming its a auris forum and surely someones changed the bulbs and would know the sizes. That was my next step if no1 knew the sizes. Thanks anyway.
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  5. Thanks pal! Hoping someone knows the sizes so I can complete change all the bulbs asap.
  6. I just did this when trying to change to a LED 501 bulb? It takes a few tries but a thin flat head screwdriver can be used to prise it open. It took me a few goes. Its quite stiff to change as opposed to the other interior lighting but it will open eventually.
  7. Hi All, Im the new owner of a 2014 Auris & I absolutely love it. I brought some LED lights off ebay for the interior lights however after checking all the lights only the main centre lighting uses 501/t10 bulbs. Iv added a pic of the leds in the centre console they look much better and brighter in white. :D The bulbs above that light up when you put the thing down that stops the sun shining in your eyes, the light behind the rear seats and the boot light are all festoon type bulbs (Should have checked first). 😞 Does anyone know the sizes for all these bulbs in the 2014 auris? They look either 36mm or 39mm as per the ebay listing. Dont want to buy and then end up getting the wrong ones. Appreciate all your help. Thank you.
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