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  1. The car has been fine so nothing checked if the issue happens again will need to investigate
  2. And how would this help its just looks out off line..
  3. Can anyone shed some light on what is the purpose off this light aerial can it be removed i no it twist off but theirs a bulb in it.. What is the purpose off it exactly
  4. I use to have an obd 2 reader let's see if I can find it
  5. Were do people go to get codes read for their hybrid cars ..? As iv heard the normal code readers dont really work for hybrids
  6. Appericate the care buddy will give it a try as long as I remember to take the negative terminal off the rear battery.. and that red clip off the hybrid battery should be completely dead no power hopefully..
  7. Iv had a look through the flap looks fairly clean on the outside ca t really see really deep inside but once I get a day off will strip it all down, cleaning the fan will a hair dryer do the job or will I need something more powerful... and is their only one fan at the rear. Or is their more then one ?
  8. Thanks for the above will need to check that fan see if that is the main cause to the issue. I appericate the advice
  9. Has anyone come across this issue on a Toyota estima hybrid all off a sudden whilst driving engine management light came on messages was check hybrid system and also vsc light on aswell as handbrake light on Amber. Is this a big issue as their no guidance on Google for the estima hybrid only for prius and lexus keep coming up.
  10. Let me check, is that recommend regardless off mileage. new to the forum struggling to use the app...
  11. What are people using as engine oil as mine is at minimum I was thinking off draining it out and put fresh oil in also how much oil does the engine hold. I was thinking 5w 30 What do you use as its a hybrid
  12. The codes for the battery are exact same i was wondering if just the battery were just the same the only difference i can see is the year they are for. Lexus 2008 onwards a day estima is 2006 onwards
  13. Iv been searching for a new battery with a little price difference both come with the same codes a lexus rx450H and the toyota estima both batteries are exact same apart from year they can be used for. Lexus one is from 2008-2015 28800-31291 Estima one is 2006 onwards everything Looks exact the same codes fitting etc. Can anyone shed any light whats the difference please.
  14. Ok appericate that I think I'll try the easiest option 1st put battery back in and go for a nice long drive, see if it hold charge.
  15. Cant I use a normal charger on it, iv got a ring charger charges 12v and 24v fast and slow charge or would you suggest thats not compatible for it thanks for the heads up.
  16. Quick question can you add distilled water to the panasonic battery as car has been parked up for 5 months before a full charge at home as its currently showing that the battery is completely flat.
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