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  1. Mine is left outside too and i do try to use the brakes lightly but even after a few miles the brakes are scrapy. Perhaps i'll wait until better weather.
  2. As the title suggests... I've read that on these hybrids the regenerative braking is used down to about 7mph where the Mech braking takes over. This is fine but then I also read that this will cause the Mech braking not to be used very often and therefore can and will cause rust and other build up on the discs. And this is an issue as it can cause scraping sounds when braking at 7mph and under. I have noticed a scraping sound when in low speed (like in a car park and just reversing out and/or setting off) when applying the (Mech) brakes. But this is obviously the discs causing this when braking at low speed. So many drivers have been asking if it is possible to disengage the Regen braking (which it isn't) or to reduce it (which apparently only Tesla have this setting option). So how does one clean the build up on the discs when the Regen brakes are used 80%+ time? In normal ICE cars you can clear the discs by going down hill and applying the brakes to clear the build up etc. But on these Hybrids how can this be done unless you are going downhill 7mph or less? Someone suggested going into N for a very short while and brake - would this only use Mech brakes or would it still use Regen? Just wondering if anyone has an idea on this - or even to discuss?
  3. That should be where the camera system is for the radar and street sign system. The radar is behind the Toyota badge on the grill - and the camera is up high - think it also has the rain sensor in there too.
  4. And there is THE issue! Toyota should have it enabled on roll-out to all makes and models in their range, not just some!
  5. Well as mine is a Company Car it will go to dealership for first year or so - then they will send to independents to cut costs.
  6. Not sure how it works - but it relies on GPS and DCM from the car to track and navigate (something I feel i the $60,000 question as why does the Sat Nav work all the time but the tracking of journeys on the App doesn't)? Not looked into this on my lost journeys - but currently after disconnecting my phone form CarPlay it has been tracking all journeys so far.
  7. On mine the LTA is off and never auto-on after starting. So must be on newer models being default - like the stop/start on ICE cars... which was always a pain but was for environmental issues.
  8. If the Toyota dealership do their job then any work will be logged and informed via the App. My recent service is logged, a recall issues logged before that and also the delivery as first entry. I have had another issue that they had it in for a few weeks ago but that is not logged on. But pretty sure all services will be logged - but not sure if you do not go via dealerships though.
  9. When out on a motorway at around 75mphish you will see the ICE flat-line for about 20 seconds then come back on - but only if on flat or slight downhill... and if not jumping on the throttle... oh and if the battery is charged sufficiently to run EV. It also happens when in other speed-limit areas too.
  10. Just to let you know the App is still tracking all my journeys... and still not connected to CarPlay.
  11. +1 It is entirely stoopid to have differing specs for differing countries.
  12. Toyota... A bit like Tom Tom... Claim they are "looking into it" but so far: Tom Tom have taken 4 years to fix ongoing issues - and they did blame the Covid lockdown at that time - wonder what excuse they will say if i try contacting them again. So will not hold my breath on Toyota contacting me back after the last email i had from them on the App issue (6 weeks ago - although waited 3 months for that response 😲)
  13. Just to inform all... After disconnecting Apple CarPlay on Monday 20th February all my trips have been tracked on the App. So for me (so far...) not having phone connected via CarPlay has actually worked! Now this might be coincidence that Toyota have "fixed" the issue and that i have a new DCM Unit fitted... but until i know further - or even if Toyota actually inform they have fixed the issue - then i'll not connect my phone again. ...perhaps i might connect again on a trial basis and see what happens 🤔
  14. Exactly - you have to purchase (or find someone with) an OBD port unit to program things like this. These should be standard.
  15. Looking back my missing journeys and issues began after i first connected my phone to Apple CarPlay... and to test this I have since Monday last week disconnected it. And so far all my journeys have recorded! Is this a coincidence or not? Not sure - but i'll give it a few more days and see if it still works. Otherwise if it isn't the phone linking thing then it is just down to the App and software - although i only just had my DCM unit updated on recall and the issue was still there, but unlinking phone seems to be the trick for me.
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