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  1. With regards those pesky tail-light plastic covers... What a huge design flaw if ever there was one! Any form of water run-off channel must never have to pass over through or under any other item other than the actual run-off channel due to the potential for clogging (like with the posts and comments here). Even the bolts for the light unit looking at the pics would at some point fall under the rust devil and so cause all types of issues.
  2. Right I see. But this feels a ball-ache to do this. Surely the app should work anyhow. Also - if you app is missing journeys, then if Toyota can 'add in' the missing journeys then this actually means they can track you! So in theory the GPS and DCM tracking does work but the app is useless at getting the data. Also also... if there are missing journeys on your app - the analytics you send will only pick up from the list in your app - so that in itself is useless. What I want is to be able to go online and sign in to My T, which you can, but there is nothing on there to see your journeys. If there was it would be good to check what the app states to what the online states. I have sent a report to my email and checked... and yes i have a missing journey from early this morning... which incidentally worked fine yesterday (same journey) and the day before... but not today. My other two trips at lunch time recorded... So yes, even after having an update on both the DCM and software it still is rubbish.
  3. That is strange. Mine is a company car and the day i got it delivered i signed up but the Reg was not recognised - however the VIN was. I'd contact Toyota and see if they can help.
  4. Oh how i have got into that habit. The Corolla is not perfect for the air-blow-back whilst driving causing rain and road-film to cover the whole of the rear section. IIRC the Yaris Hybrid 13plate i had didn't never ever get as dirty as the Corolla gets.
  5. Typical... Should roll out the update to all previous models that have the capability and space > menu provision > display real estate accordingly! My22 has the TPMS section but does nothing but a reset, etc. This could be updated and rolled out to accommodate the simplistic tyre pressure values.
  6. It sure is 🙂 Checked the ingredients and the main parts are just the same as what is in de-icer anyhow. You just have to mix it yourself. Anyhow - rubbing/cleaning alcohol is okay. Generally you mix 2/3 alcohol with 1/3 water... but t'other way round works just as good here in the UK.
  7. Depending where you purchase them. I had a Honda Concerto (Rover 213/216 shape) 22 years ago and my oxygen sensor failed - I went to Honda and they quoted me £150+VAT to replace etc. I went to my local trusted garage and they did it all for £60 and they told me they are all "mainly" manufactured at the "same place" - only difference is once Honda sign a contract they have 'Honda' laser-etched onto the parts and they charge for the privilege. Needless to say my Concerto ran for a further 5 years and was still going great until i sold it. Swings and roundabouts i suppose 🙂
  8. Will need to try this out at some point this weekend as never noticed this at all - unless you need to set it...
  9. I don't use just warm water anymore. Just buy a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and mix 1 part with 2 part water into a spray bottle... last for ages and also works out cheaper than buying de-icer.
  10. One of the first things I checked when i got delivery of my Corolla back in March 🙂
  11. I find if locked and fob in your pocket, then when washing the door handles it clicks open and mirrors unfold... then close again... and open again... Either do the lock button hold and press unlock twice to switch key off - or if not leaving the vehicle unsecured leave fob in car until you have finished. Best option I find is unlock the car > open the door... then close door... and wash car whilst unlocked.
  12. Yes the Yaris does have this individual tyre pressure reading but the Corolla does not (absolutely daft if you ask me)... Surely Toyota should come up with a software update if the new 23 Corolla has it... but not holding out for them to do this. But like mentioned it is great if you feel a tyre is low or flat, or if you hit a gap or pot-hole etc. then you can briefly check whilst driving and if you notice you can be prepared to pull over. My 17 plate Astra had this... just really feel Toyota not keeping up with the game - but why a Yaris but not Corolla??? This ought to be a standard item across all models.
  13. TBH not noticed any issues with it. But I mainly use my Tom Tom (have it stuck to the small window on driver door in a made-to-fit bracket) as i have always found this top.
  14. It did have to be replaced (at cost of £900 to Toyota) - and was on Tuesday this week... although it was in for Friday 2 weeks ago for service and replacement DCM - but the latter was not done although I was told it was. As I informed Toyota last July... and they still didn't sort out for me (actually getting it booked in even though a job card was in since July last year) they ordered a new ECU unit for the DCM and it was all sorted out... But I have been contacted today by the Dealership to say there was a mix up with my car and another one similar to mine. There's was done but mine went among the missing until picked up after the service. Now I have been told to give it a week and see what it does (with new unit and software update) - but will not hold my breath. But you never know.
  15. Just to ask - how do you send analytics to Toyota (not that they will help)?
  16. Hope yours works as mine hasn't - it's still not picking up journeys!
  17. Try your VIN number instead as mine did the same!
  18. So... I have had the new unit fitted... BUT the DCM is still not tracking the journeys. So this is a useless piece of crap TBH. I have even deleted my MyT app account and re-signed up with the most current version of the MyT app and still it does not work! So even after this recall it is useless!
  19. That's my point - Peugeot engines were all tall compared to other makes. Peugeot engines never fitted correctly like others did. Just a design flaw IMHO. That is why i was making a point regarding the 1.8ltr and 2ltr hybrid engines (2ltr battery in boot which takes up boot space) - surely Toyota can do better and just make the engine bay slightly bigger to accommodate and not take up boot space.
  20. I can on the app but online when i sign in there is no option for Hybrid Coaching that I can see.
  21. The handling wasn't all that TBH 😁 But it wasn't really about handling as all their engines were tall so would never have fitted anyhow if upright.
  22. Is that right? Must check this as soon as possible if i remember. But really this should be an automatic thing once you get out and lock the doors instead of a manual actuation thing?
  23. Apparently put both sun visors down fully... turn up full warm and on full demist setting on full blower whilst engine on and it does actually clear within 4 to 5 minutes. This might be depending on model - but mine seems to work as it is quick to warm up. But yes a heated windscreen in modern times ought to be a standard feature.
  24. The Corolla is pretty decent TBH... but a few extras like most already mentioned i agree with - especially:- 1. Blind Spot Monitoring 2. Heated front screen (this should be on all car models and trims for safety reasons) [on this - why has nobody even done a rear window heat wires thin like the modern front screens - they always use the thick plating?] Yes I know it is all about cost... but... 3. Auto-lock on doors at 5mph 4. 2 x Reverse lamps and 2 x rear fog lamps instead of one each (come on... we are in the modern age and this should not be an issue now) 5. Front fog lamps to come on independently when turning in that direction 6. Auto rear wiper on when front wipers on when reversing 7. tyre monitoring to actually show each tyre pressure (it is on the Yaris so why not the Corolla???) 8. Auto-dip on passenger mirror when reversing 9. Gearbox sport mode for manual changing (GR Sport and up as standard) [it ought to be GR then GR Sport for the turbo version as I feel the nomenclature of GR Sport and GR are the wrong way round] 10. better capacity batteries for hybrids - they can do it they just can't be bothered (even Scotty in Star Trek claimed he needed 2 hours to fix something and then did it in 1 hour) 11. for Corolla only - a little bit more leg space in the rear on the hatch (it would not make the overall length that much longer) Some other things (like auto-window open and shut when depressing key fob on opening and closing) are software-based and it would not take the Earth or huge cost for Toyota to do an update for these. Even point 6 is already on the car but hidden and you have to get a dealer to enable it - unless you have a coder you can plug in with your Laptop. Also i understand the 12v battery going into the boot on the 2ltr Hybrid... but again we are in modern times and Toyota really should have the space issue down pat know. Peugeot. always for years. built engines that never fitted their engine bays unless it was fitted on an angle (I used to service cars in the 90s so i know)... and they've managed to fit all on a better way. Even Honda managed to fit the Type R 2ltr engine into a very small engine bay - albeit no room to move 😆 Toyota would be doing themselves a huge favour in their popularity stakes if they did fit most safety things as standard and most of these everyday essential options.
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