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  1. Had it in for a service and DCM software repair/upgrade... Still not picking up correctly.
  2. Just checking but on mine I press the CC button once for Adaptive CC (radar sensitive)... but for normal CC you had to press and hold the CC button for one second until it tells you it is in normal mode.
  3. So where in Yorkshire does this sign from Germany get displayed? That is a great system being able to pick up a sign from Germany whilst in Yorkshire - very powerful indeed 😄
  4. This is true. But I am always suspicious of quotes like this as I like to ask: "why not?" Yes I know it has always been the case, even with SD Cards too. Yes I know all about the software, firmware and formatting etc. but surely in this day and age any size drive should be easily read by the unit? And I also know that USB1 is different to USB2 and USB3, etc. But I have had external drives of 1TB+ plugged into PC/Laptop USB and it reads easily - so why not with USB sticks, flashdrives and SD cards, etc...? It's like EVs - when you plug them in the charger states "Communicating with vehicle"... ??? Why? It should just charge after you plug in and make payment and hit 'charge' on the screen. When I plug in my mobile or laptop, etc. they don't state this - just tells me it's charging 🙂 Toyota need to update things like this and even should have added a Type C USB as an additional option.
  5. Only downside to mine is that it is a Company Car - so can't go fiddling with it out of contract. I can only ask when it goes in for a service and see what they say: will they add them in free or charge me.
  6. Then like I say - it is something to do with the DCM in-car not picking up signal at times (and apparently nothing at all to do with bad signal areas, etc.) as it is an issue. Also still not getting anywhere with my local dealership on my 5-month old job card for this to be sorted... and this is just probably my dealership.
  7. Hate it on services as the mechanics always set the correct pressures then reset the TPMS - so it can and does flash up on the dash. So I always have to do this afterwards.
  8. *** You say you have reformatted - that would surely wipe the files from the drive so nothing will be there now. However if you mean you reformatted and then added the music files but still nothing it might be you need to reformat to Fat32 or if the USB stick is larger than 4GB then exFat would be better option... but it is just seem devices can't read exFat.
  9. I have set mine to at least 3 PSI over recommended as after having a previous hybrid the tire wear under normal pressures was wearing badly on the outer edges of the tires - meaning under inflated. After discussing this with a local tire fitting service they recommended me to add about 2PSI in rear and 3 in front. After doing so the tyre wear was equal. So it all depends on the model for hybrid... but also on the mileage you do. If just tottering around town then not much of a concern, but if on the open road mainly then it will reap the rewards of not having unequal tyre wear. So far after nearly 9000 miles on mine the tyre wear is equal - so adding in makes it better for me.
  10. Yes but the Xmas tweeks should be not as important as getting it sorted! And the App is flawed, Toyota have admitted as such (when i contacted them about it) and it is a problem with the DCM on the car (and yes, I have had a job card in at Toyota for the past 5 months now and they still have not called me in to get it fixed - even though i have called them numerous times myself). The App works fine to track me into town 4 miles away... then on my journey back it doesn't and then claims i'm still in town. Then i'll travel to work over 52 miles away and it will not track me... but then does so back home again. It is just Toyota do not care about the customer anymore like they used to.
  11. It's easy done. But I never get lazy in a car. I have the auto-headlights off. The only real good thing about many cars these days are the safety features they have installed. Although you would think that Toyota would get its act together and fit Blind Spot Monitoring as standard across the range. Not to mention the added 'hidden' features that are installed but just not enabled (you have to go to dealership and get them to connect up and enable them). Auto-rear wiper when front wipers on if you select reverse is one of these things now hidden. Not an issue but if there why not have enabled as standard?
  12. Will keep an aye on this... although not done it again since.
  13. Have already done this 3 times now. It amazes me Toyota can't get the app to work correctly - but now it's Christmas they have updated and added in snow flakes and a Christmas Tree streak effect!
  14. Might be. It wasn't frosty but just a cold wet morning. Will see how it goes.
  15. GR Sport does have HUD. So one would presume the 2ltr version is the same.
  16. So this came on after about 10 minutes of driving this morning. Wondered what it was and tried to correct it. Went into settings and the RD system was 'On', so not sure. After about 15 minutes it went out. It's the first colder day today so wondering if that had anything to do with it. Anyone else had this? It is going in for it's first 10k service soon so will let them know about it.
  17. Mine does get warm really quickly too. Best car i've had for that.
  18. Thing is this worked fine for the first 6 weeks... then went wrong. Still not right and it's fast approaching a new year.
  19. I'll look into this... but why is it wrong on one folder but correct on the other? It is strange as hell.
  20. I am on Windows 10. No I do not have shuffle on as it happens on each folder. I have checked all the files and they are all in sync - numbered correctly. It is just strange one folder plays correctly but the other doesn't. It really should not do this if all are filed correctly.
  21. I trialled mine on this and it does detect all main headlamps and tail lights... on occasions when it decides it wants to. I noticed in bright-lit areas it does not switch to main beam - as it should... but on dark roads when in auto-headlamp main mode it does not always switch to dip when a car comes along. But in my honest opinion this is something that Toyota should not have invested money in. This is a common-sense thing to dip manually as we have always done. They should have added as standard (for pure safety reasons) blind spot monitoring on all vehicles instead... or have the rear wiper auto-on when front wipers are on AND also have auto-lock doors when switching to R or D (instead of having to get main dealer to switch then on via laptop). Toyota are atrocious for things they used to fit as standard and do not now. Yes I know most manufacturers want money for these things now - money grabbing b*tards. They are all going the subscription service route now - especially EVs.
  22. As the title suggests. I have searched but not found a proper clear answer to the issue of USB files even if using 01, 02 before the title track on the file AND also numbering the files via the #indexing, the damned unit will not play the tracks in order - only goes by alphabetical order. BUT... A couple of my album folders DO play in numerical order as it should. Strange... I've even checked on my laptop and they are all the same (IE: all numbered before the track title and # number indexed etc.) but where one or two album files play in correct order the others do not. As in my attached images - both Beast In Black albums... From Hell With Love plays in correct order but Dark Connection does not (Battle Hymn plays first then Bella Donna second, etc. - playing in alphabetical) - and they are all indexed and filed the same way. a damned nuisance to be sure. So does anyone know of a quick solution or answer to ensure that all my mp3 files in each album folder play in correct numerical track order as per the album? Cheers...
  23. E5 does burn more efficiently than E10... but at the cost of mpg. Yes it really does matter where you go for fuel (do not believe that all is the same. Even with the regulations and quality control the fuel is not the same. Supermarkets really do go for the lower end of the fuel quality spectrum. I know... my old Astra had to have a engine rebuild due to this.)
  24. Unfortunately not everyone will be happy 😄 we just make of it what we can don't we? The set up of the buttons on the steering wheel on Toyotas is much to be desired though... basically a disc that they cut into buttons visually but not for touchy-feely. Shame as normally Toyota are ahead of the game...
  25. Sorry... but EV is not the future.... ....yet. ICE motors will be around for a long long time regardless of the 2030 proposal of greener planet, etc. Just for fun, with a bit of reality thrown in - watch Lee on MacMaster on Youtube. He has a Porsche EV on lease and he does some good vlogs on the EV subject. At one stop he did for about 30 minutes he charged it up for 28% boost and he paid £37 !?!?!? And he had to wait around... buy a coffee... and something to eat... all adding to the cost. Where us petrol or diesel drivers would pull in, fill up in about 5 minutes at around the same price and get going. He even travelled to Bangor in North Wales... went to a charge point with 2 places... he could not charge as the place available was the wrong side for his car even if he backed in it would not stretch. The car in the other place had 30 minutes to go... then the guy could not remove the plug as it was stuck (another 10 minutes wait) then eventually he got in to charge his car... just as another guy pulled in next to him saying he had just been to Morrisons down the road and all their charge points - 4 of them I think - were out of order. He finds this all over the UK and it is not great to think the Gov want us to go EV, but if the reliable and fast... and reasonable priced infrastructure isn't there what is the point? All adding to the cost and minutes of your life you will never get back 😆
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