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  1. I trialled mine on this and it does detect all main headlamps and tail lights... on occasions when it decides it wants to. I noticed in bright-lit areas it does not switch to main beam - as it should... but on dark roads when in auto-headlamp main mode it does not always switch to dip when a car comes along. But in my honest opinion this is something that Toyota should not have invested money in. This is a common-sense thing to dip manually as we have always done. They should have added as standard (for pure safety reasons) blind spot monitoring on all vehicles instead... or have the rear wiper auto-on when front wipers are on AND also have auto-lock doors when switching to R or D (instead of having to get main dealer to switch then on via laptop). Toyota are atrocious for things they used to fit as standard and do not now. Yes I know most manufacturers want money for these things now - money grabbing b*tards. They are all going the subscription service route now - especially EVs.
  2. As the title suggests. I have searched but not found a proper clear answer to the issue of USB files even if using 01, 02 before the title track on the file AND also numbering the files via the #indexing, the damned unit will not play the tracks in order - only goes by alphabetical order. BUT... A couple of my album folders DO play in numerical order as it should. Strange... I've even checked on my laptop and they are all the same (IE: all numbered before the track title and # number indexed etc.) but where one or two album files play in correct order the others do not. As in my attached images - both Beast In Black albums... From Hell With Love plays in correct order but Dark Connection does not (Battle Hymn plays first then Bella Donna second, etc. - playing in alphabetical) - and they are all indexed and filed the same way. a damned nuisance to be sure. So does anyone know of a quick solution or answer to ensure that all my mp3 files in each album folder play in correct numerical track order as per the album? Cheers...
  3. E5 does burn more efficiently than E10... but at the cost of mpg. Yes it really does matter where you go for fuel (do not believe that all is the same. Even with the regulations and quality control the fuel is not the same. Supermarkets really do go for the lower end of the fuel quality spectrum. I know... my old Astra had to have a engine rebuild due to this.)
  4. Unfortunately not everyone will be happy 😄 we just make of it what we can don't we? The set up of the buttons on the steering wheel on Toyotas is much to be desired though... basically a disc that they cut into buttons visually but not for touchy-feely. Shame as normally Toyota are ahead of the game...
  5. Sorry... but EV is not the future.... ....yet. ICE motors will be around for a long long time regardless of the 2030 proposal of greener planet, etc. Just for fun, with a bit of reality thrown in - watch Lee on MacMaster on Youtube. He has a Porsche EV on lease and he does some good vlogs on the EV subject. At one stop he did for about 30 minutes he charged it up for 28% boost and he paid £37 !?!?!? And he had to wait around... buy a coffee... and something to eat... all adding to the cost. Where us petrol or diesel drivers would pull in, fill up in about 5 minutes at around the same price and get going. He even travelled to Bangor in North Wales... went to a charge point with 2 places... he could not charge as the place available was the wrong side for his car even if he backed in it would not stretch. The car in the other place had 30 minutes to go... then the guy could not remove the plug as it was stuck (another 10 minutes wait) then eventually he got in to charge his car... just as another guy pulled in next to him saying he had just been to Morrisons down the road and all their charge points - 4 of them I think - were out of order. He finds this all over the UK and it is not great to think the Gov want us to go EV, but if the reliable and fast... and reasonable priced infrastructure isn't there what is the point? All adding to the cost and minutes of your life you will never get back 😆
  6. Unfortunately it is all about the green output. E10 has 10% renewable ethanol in it - which does not burn efficiently at all 😒 but it is greener for the planet 🙂 That said, I did fill up with E5 Super Tesco at one point during the summer and noticed a slight drop in mpg from the E10 Regular... so was not much of a difference really IMO. You never ever have similar trips these days. But as already mentioned many factors can affect mpg... especially winter coming along.
  7. Yes I have done this too on my journey last week. On my Astra the increment was on a small toggle level and the cancel was reasonably away to ensure no error. Just have to get used to it.
  8. I used mine last Wednesday for the first time since March. It is great to set it - either with radar assist or manual. I did notice that once set, if I cancel then resume it does go back to previous set speed, but at one point i pressed + to increase speed but it didn't seem to work. I hit - and that worked then hit + again then it worked. Strange indeed. Only happened the once though. On a side note I have notice the actual speed for 70mph on mine is showing 73mph - IE: at 73mph on speedo i am actually going 70 - which the radar-assist is problematic as it only goes in 5mph increments, unlike the manual that allows 1mph increments. So I always set radar-assist once i hit 73mph to allow for the slight discrepancy 😄
  9. I have found you do need to adjust to the conditions of the road and what you want. I always use Normal or Eco mode when starting out (depending on which I left it in when i park up). But: 1. Eco = when on motorways and just cruising along 2. Normal = on standard A or B roads (but might change to Eco if the roads are flat) 3. Sport = to pull away at a junction, roundabout or to overtake on a motorway/by-pass, etc. As @AndrueC mentions the mode only moderates the throttle. If you are in Eco and keep the accelerator at a certain point, if you switch up to Normal the car accelerates slightly more... switch up to Sport and it goes a little bit more. The main thing is it really is not an Economy mode for fuel consumption but more an accelerator thing that just makes it faster response. Eco for me always feels like i have to press the throttle harder. Would really be better if half the engine could shut down when cruising to allow for fuel saving. Yes it does run on EV mode at times and can do this at 70mph if on a flat road or slight downhill... but only for a few seconds. Longest I got was 20 seconds at 72mph.
  10. Well I had an anomaly on Wednesday this week. I was driving home to North Wales from York and I had a call on my works mobile - which states linked via Apply Car Play - and i answered the call no problem. But then i tried to make a call and it told me i was not connected and had to activate Siri on the phone. So pulled over into a services and then tried to activate Siri - my phone went wild and kept opening up the Siri bit (asking my to say "Hey Siri" and kept sliding away to the left of the screen. It did this continuously and would not pick up my voice. I did check the actions were right in my phone settings but it just would not work. Turned phone off then back on - it still wouldn't work. Same yesterday too. Now today when i don't need it, it decides to now activate. Strange things technologies are... 😄
  11. Well it isn't very good then is it? Even Google Maps can record timelessly... but even that is flawed at times as that relies on your GPS signal of your phone. TBH I only really need MyT App as it was great for a nifty little app that recorded journeys and if you were picked up as being over time in a car park and you get fined it would allow for proof of movement, etc. That is why I also have Google Maps too but was hoping this would be better. It was better for the first 6 weeks then just useless. What I do now is use my Map My Walk app if heading into any time-frame car parking.
  12. This really is an issue with the DCM software of the car on the unit. It does not matter at all whether or not you have logged into your profile. The account is linked to your email and phone/profile when you first sign up - but even if you did not create a profile and downloaded the MyT App the app would still work - you do not need a profile for this to work (even Toyota told me this - and I can confirm for 8 weeks i did not create a profile and the first 6 weeks it worked fine). The car needs to be able to pick up the signal via the DCM - indicated on the unit via the DCM with 1 to 4 lines of signal power on it. If this is out of signal then it will not pick up (the car) and therefore not record any activity journeys to your MyT App account. Mine has had this issue since Easter and I feel likely not to ever get fixed - even though my local Toyota Dealership have a job card for me but have never contacted me to go in to fix it - going on 4 months now. It really is the GPS DCM signal on the car that is at fault.
  13. Mine updated yesterday - and guess what? Still not working correctly. How can something so simple work without flaws for about 6 weeks then just stop working? If software then Toyota need to address this and pronto! Waste of time and effort creating an app for your phone linked to your car for all the details you might need... but it doesn't work. Just sort it out Toyota!
  14. Mine same as your new updates... But i have only updated once since March this year... and that was about July... so the old versions stopped working too - the update has not fixed anything.
  15. Same for me too... All okay until Easter this year then it went wrong. It amazes me just how much of a problem it is for them to fix. I mean it is software-based surely and therefore can be updated with the fix then rolled out. Anything IT based (from a consumer view-point) is a huge pain in the rear-end for all when they can't simply fix something that in theory should be easily fixable. Even Tom Tom have had major issues with software etc. and even with their web site since January 2021 and even though thousands have complained and told them there is a problem they either ignore it or claim it is being looked at. Tom Tom issue still not working and it will soon be 2 years on in January. I think Toyota are also playing this ignoring game on this too.
  16. Not sure on mine - will have to check... I feel the update is causing the issues? But Toyota have said this is an issue they are aware of - but for how long and also how long until we get this fixed???
  17. And it is an issue - Toyota have stated this. So why can't they sort it out? More concerned on not being able to make new cars due to material shortages instead of looking after current customers.
  18. Likewise - although being a Company Car it is frustrating that i can't get this sorted correctly. Can only imagine what it's like for an owner... especially when new.
  19. How are you all holding up with this issue? Still having problems?
  20. The issues and problems with the MyT App are not connected with any Profile you have on the unit in the car. They are separate. I did not load any profile onto my car until a couple of months after downloading the app to my phone. The App worked fine with no issues at all... then 6 weeks later it started not to track journeys, lose signal, still told me i was up in Carlisle when i was down in Chester, etc. etc. etc. 2 weeks later i decided to load a profile (which loads fine with no issues and also connects to my phone) but the MyT App still has faults. That was back in April and we are now in September and Toyota still have not contacted my (although they have a job card at the dealership) to get it fixed... if they ever can!
  21. Sorry to say this is a huge flaw currently - mine does not track all routes (but it did first 6 weeks of having the car) then Easter it went completely wrong. Something to do with the DCM and not being in a good reception area to pick up and monitor correctly. Toyota's response to me was to "drive into an area with good reception until it picks you up"... Still waiting for Toyota to get my car in and get sorted. It is a little bit hit and miss to be honest.
  22. Unless it is very apparent it is from the back area I would look into the anti-roll bar and suspension... as sound has an amazing way of travelling to other areas of a car from where it actually is.
  23. I don't even get that when pulling away quick - it is extremely smooth. I have not noticed any judder in the engine EV to ICE to EV at all. In fact the only time you do feel something is first thing when you start up. If the ICE kicks in and you go to pull away - mostly in reverse - it gives off a very slight noticeable engaging judder.
  24. I was merely stating that I feel the RSA does not use the camera to pick up signs and majorly only picks up via GPS. Hence why on a bypass that has a section at 50mph the speed warning indicates 50mph but when going under a bridge where no signs visible it temporarily changes to 30mph when no such sign visible for the camera to actually or feasibly pick up to change it on the dash... before changing back to 50mph sign. Just because Toyota say it has RSA on the vehicle does not mean it actually works as created (due to obstructions, etc.) - thus GPS would be (I would hope) the secondary back-up system to indicate speed sign warnings. Remember the emission scandal - all manufacturers were at it faking things to lower the actual emissions.
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