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  1. Well if it does read signs then I'm not a believer! Once entered into a 50mph area it does state 50mph... then changes accordingly (70 in a 70, etc.). But sometimes it shows me the national speed limit sign (white with black diagonal line) but no such sign in sight - although a 70 sign there. Some days it does show 70 but other days it show the other sign. Very temperamental if you ask me. So I really do think it is only picking up GPS and what the database has recorded as being the speed limit. Even Tom Tom has the facility to amend such errors and once amended on the next update it has been corrected. That tends to be more correct from what I have experienced so far.
  2. This is an ongoing issue with the DCM. Toyota are aware but not quick in getting it fixed by all accounts. The MyT App is not part of the Profile system - that is only for pairing your phone to the multimedia system. From March to April I had not linked my phone - and the MyT App worked perfectly well. Then once I added my works phone - give it a couple of weeks then it stopped tracking journeys. Now this might be the issue - so i am going to delete my profiles and then check back. However I have been informed by Toyota that the MyT App can and does still work independently of the account profiles as it merely picks up the signals and telemetry readings and data from the vehicle. It is the DCM that is at fault. I'm still waiting to have the DCM and software updated forcefully via Toyota - even have a job card in locally at the dealership but they are not contacting me about getting it in to do.
  3. Update: The Passenger window has now stopped the juddering when opening/closing... might just be the hot weather. Will stick with it for now and if it happens again will mention it on the first 10k service due in about 3 months' time.
  4. Just to add to this I have never had any issues with playing music on Flashdrives - apart from in my last car (Vx Astra). I have a SanDisc 128gb and it works fine for music on all vehicles i have driven. I tried a Samsung 64gb stubby drive (as i wanted not protrusion from the dashboard) and it would play in my other half's Corsa but not in the astra (both 2017 models). As an aside I would recommend formatting any drive in the vehicle if it has this option to do so - then connect to your computer, add the files, then in theory should work.
  5. It is SB. Strange that really regarding the card...
  6. Possibly. Wonder why just the door card made in Belgium? I'm not surprised at anything anymore!
  7. Although usually it has always been the case for Japan made then the best! I had a Toshiba TV built in the UK and had no end of issues. A mate of mine had a Japanese built one same model and never went wrong. So some truth in Japanese made is best!
  8. Hence the system is flawed and Toyota should sort out under warranty! I have a job card in at my local Toyota dealership but will not authorise the work as they want to ensure with Toyota GB the work is under warranty.
  9. The DCM system on Toyota is IMHO pretty flawed! Scotty Kilmer in the US was right when he said Toyota have gone downhill. "only buy one that's made in Japan"... Mine was made in Belgium... and am on the 4th issue already since March!
  10. It can take a while... I was sat in my car with engine off for about 10 minutes before it alarmed to me that my keys were in the car with all doors unlocked!
  11. I am certain mine does not read signs and works only on GPS files in the memory via the Nav system. I might be wrong but i feel the "Sign Reading" is just a made up thing. Most systems work via GPS - due to the fact most signs these days can be obscured by trees, foliage and other obstructions to function correctly. But like earlier said it probably uses both - the "reading" primary and the GPS "secondary".
  12. After i received mine it did not recognise the reg number. I had to go out and read the VIN from the windscreen badge - it then recognised it... and showed me the reg number 😄 🤷‍♂️
  13. I have a job card in at my local Toyota Dealership for mine to be looked at... and as of today they informed me it is on hold as they are still debating with Toyota GB on the issue before they look at it! Toyota might have been the mutts nuts a few years ago but they seem to be pretty lame now. If there is an issue on a new car then the warranty should cover it! Otherwise they have sold a "not-fit-for-purpose" and "less-than-satisfactory" and dare i say "sub-standard" product! Yes this is just the DCM... but if they overlook and do not fix things like this then what else will go wrong? (after 4 weeks I needed new shock absorbers and anti-roll bar bushed replaced 😲 )!
  14. I had the issue as not enough sockets and USB ports etc. as wanted my truly tested Tom Tom as opposed to the Toyota system. Although for a dashcam you will be mounting centre of windscreen (or just to the left of the rear-view)? I did trail an extension USB from the drivers front small window where i adapted a retro-fit suction cup holder - along the rubber trim down by the door hinges then under the dash and then under and around the edge of the floor mats and then into the centre console box (it has two gaps to allow for cable thread). Doesn't look too shabby and is not in the way for cables-sake. Will try and upload a pic.
  15. Downside is the passenger one rattles and vibrates when opening... worried it will break in the open position. Problem now is the lease company do not endorse my local Toyota Dealership as an approved garage... but one an hour away! But as it should be under warranty they said go down to the dealership under warranty - but they tell me they do not know if it is under warranty (albeit only 3 months old) until they strip the door cards off and expose the windows. If they deem it not under warranty i'll have to pay for the work. Scandalous to the extreme on a 3-month old new car!
  16. Hi, Yes it does - it is linked to both my works mobile and my own for the App - the profile is to my works mobile however as I use the Car Play for that very purpose as do not feel the need to add my personal phone - although might do as the secondary profile and see if still have the issue. Now it does this all the time even though my profile has loaded on my works phone. Case in point last week was driving to work and it did not track me at all - but on the way back it tracked my half-way - stopped - then add a second journey about 2 miles after... even though I had not stopped. But: It does not matter which phone I have (when no work phone the profile does not load) as the App can be on other phones for the App to work with the car. As at weekends I do not switch my work phone on or take it with me. The car still tracks sometimes and other times not. The App on my private phone still tells me when doors opened, etc. so it is communicating. Again, all was well until Easter then it went all screwy! Anyhow soon taking it into Toyota for them to check the DCM.
  17. As the title suggests. Now I know my car is a Company Car but even so when you wind the windows down (front) about half way if you grab hold of the window you can move it excessively from side to side. Surely a flaw? Anyone else have this? This to me is far beyond the reasonable movement for the glass in the runners. Hasten to add they do not rattle at all when driving either closed or open. All my previous cars (both private and company) have never had movement in the window glass like this.
  18. I'm having issues with the DCM. Toyota got back to me to say I need to go into a dealer for them to look into it. It is what works the My T app too - but many journeys are not being tracked via the app and they claim the DCM is at fault. All was working right before Easter but since then too many issues. So if Sat Nav uses the DCM then if not right might not update.
  19. Very true! If you are going uphill then it is reasonable for you to put more foot down and power. But on the flat you can just about coast slightly. Amazingly i have been on the motorway doing 72 and the EV has come on for about 1/4 mile or so (if on flat or slight down hill) - then ICE comes back on for a few miles then EV again. If the engine does not need ICE to work it will allow for EV mode to work instead.
  20. I feel the same. The Rev counter is useless really - better to have had a power indicator type rev dial instead.
  21. All hybrids generally have a blueish colour to depict they are hybrids. GR Sport got rid off that and just had silver and black.
  22. I know we are usually all in a hurry these days but if mine starts on ICE then i just sit while it does it's thing then once done and it shuts off i then get going. During the warmer weather - and if i have not left the AC on then mine always starts on EV, but if too low then it will kick in anyhow.
  23. You should be able to set how you want the readouts to be on the MFD - I think you have the choice of "every fuel fill up" or "Every trip" and possibly others too. Mine is set to show me on the MFD every trip as i am not one for doing a tank check unless i decide to do it every so often.
  24. Still sounds low IMHO. My Corolla seems to do an average of 56mpg but depending upon where you are driving it can go down or up - even had it at 80.6mpg after a short journey (3 miles) from my town, but the Hybrid motor was going more than usual due to my conservative driving. It is all down to how you drive. That said you should be getting an average of at least 50mpg surely be it on B roads, A roads, highway or in town driving? Regarding tyres I would put in the loaded tyre pressures and not the normal (told by a Toyota guy to do this) as this is far better for equal tyre wear as if you run on standard 33 / 31psi you will wear out the edges of your tyres regardless.
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