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  1. That would of been my first option if this happened to me. Had this drilled into me over the passed 16 years with my work IT Department when my laptop goes belly-up! 😁
  2. Yes mine is the same. It tells me speed limit on bypass as 70... but then go under a fly-over or raised roundabout and it switches to 30 but then once passed it goes back to 70. But there are no signs anywhere near. I do not feel it actually "reads" signs" and more than likely just goes via GPS and whatever info is up-to-date at that time on all roads covered.
  3. Yes I have noticed too... Should have gone for the Touring Sport with 17" wheels instead...
  4. This is a huge issue... Toyota are a bit lame in coming back when i contact them on this...
  5. But the pads can and do stick to the discs - so best to adjust accordingly as to what you want.
  6. It isn't difficult at all - didn't say it was - but when they put these things on why not enable them as standard? The rear wiper thing is a benefit and a safety thing first and foremost... and Toyota are supposedly market leaders so why not do what others do as standard? Yes the added features should be as standard if there but hidden until you find out about it and then get told you have to go to the dealer to get enabled (why not allow user enable via the vehicle settings? Surely this should be allowed?) It is a Company Car so was not able to do so... but going to check with Lease Company and Toyota if they will do for me 🙂 if available then why not have it? Oh so true. I just know they are there but not enabled as standard. This is bad judgement on Toyota's part. Something like this is a mere simple slide option (from disabled to enable) but not a setting that the owner can do from the Vehicle Setting of the system - the dealer must plug in a Laptop to do this. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yes I have my Tom Tom fitted in place too... and it shows 2 to 3 mph less than that. Yes acceptable in a 30, but out on the bypass or motorway the ACC is a pain to maintain.
  8. I have done so... even given them screen shots of where the signal was lost, etc. But they claim nothing can be done and need to drive into a good signal area. I'm 90% always in a good signal area - and it does not seem to track return journeys (and sometimes switches off halfway through a journey).
  9. I updated mine and until this morning my car was still 150 miles away in Birmingham! I was there on Wednesday. Go figure!
  10. Just to say mine not worked correctly since Easter! I contacted them and the response was "it is all to do with the DCM signal in the car - if no good signal it will not pick your car up. To rectify drive into a good clear signal area!" Really? My DCM is always at least 3 bar strength and has never gone altogether. I did tell them it is their fault and a crap app but not heard back yet. So much for customer service eh?
  11. Not on the hinges of tailgate - but I found out that you should check the doors as water accumulates in the doors. Open doors and if not already removed then remove the rubber plugs from the front-most of the front doors and the rear-most of the rear doors (there are 3 in each door) to allow water to drip out.
  12. The indicators are linked as already said in other replies... Same for the Lane Guidance Assist too - if you do not indicate it will alarm that you are deviating over the lines, but if you indicate the systems goes into standby until you get into lane. Have only tried the Adaptive Cruise a few times to see what it's like - but probably will only ever use Constant Cruise as this allows for 1mph increments instead of 5mph increments (which for adaptive is bad in my opinion). Plus as all newer cars speedos are set about 2mph more than actual you feel like everyone is coming up behind you and then overtaking.
  13. Yes only when going down hill to prevent overuse of brakes and brake fade. It does work well too.
  14. Not many hills there 😁 Only the Little Orme and Great Orme.
  15. I think it was just the drivers one... did not think to ask if they were changing both. Still all quiet now 👍
  16. Also the dealer does not have to register for you - you can do this yourself by entering your reg or VIN number - the app automatically registers the vehicle to your account once created (which you do initially).
  17. Not in my circumstance... It was working perfectly okay until Easter where it decided to be intermittent... and has been ever since. 2 days ago it tracked me to Birmingham... and up until this morning I was still there. And it only registered my journey this morning outbound - but not return journey. But it still maintians the fuel level as accurate. The DCM signal is full strength too - and I have reinstalled the app as told to do but still not working.
  18. Update: Shock absorbers changed and the noise is gone 👌
  19. Thought as much... Again... thought as much... Why oh why do manufacturers put these things on but not as standard out the showroom? Seems strange to me (and suppose dealers and Toyota in this case get more money for it). Again ripping off the customer. Both these things have been standard on most makes of vehicle for the past 10 years or so... and if Toyota are the potential leader in car manufacturing one would think they would have this standard by now instead of having to go back to the dealer and pay to have it enabled when it is already there but the customer can't set it? The windows is a luxury but the rear wiper is a positive safety thing.
  20. How tight dealers are! It's just software/firmware - no biggie to upgrade if the system can handle it... no massive labour-intensive work to do. Just plug in a laptop, update the software/firmware to the all singing all dancing and let it be. If you're paying £50 for the upgrade then surely it will 'upgrade' not remove.
  21. Well update to the Anti-roll Bar bush issue... The knocking sound is not that - they have just called and told me all done but the knocking is still there... so they are keeping the car until end of tomorrow to fit new shock absorbers (as that is now the next thing they think it is). The waiting game now...
  22. The Car Care Nut and also on a Toyota site (tried to find the article but can't now).
  23. Just to ask (I have looked into it but not clear): 1. do windows auto-close/open when locking/unlocking car if you press the unlock/lock button longer as standard or do you have to go to a dealer to get this enabled? 2. rear wiper - should this auto-on when front wipers on and reversing - or do you need to enable in settings somewhere? Mine currently doesn't.
  24. The MyT app is not working correctly for me at all. Some journeys tracked - others not. And sometimes my car is 200 miles away when i'm at home (needless to say i travelled that journey but it just didn't track me back). It looks like a signal issue with the DCM (check your signal level on the infotainment display)... although my signal is great it still doesn't work.
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