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  1. I use: ECO when on motorways just cruising NOMAL as it states SPORT when required - at traffic lights and overtaking I always switch between whatever i need. But I have found that ECO it just feels like there is something trying to stop you from putting your foot down. I did check from ECO at a set speed you flip to Normal and it accelerates a bit more ... and Sport it accelerates more again - all without moving your foot.
  2. It is crazy isn't it? A simple App and it won't work. After contacting the App direct (Toyota Europe) and also via a dealer (Toyota GB) hopefully someone will offer an answer. Let's hope it won't be "just uninstall the app" or "upload the new app" as most IT things generally tell you to do.
  3. Well actually I was told (and i looked it up too) that all the B mode does is use the engine to brake - the engine is just a pump (sucking air in and then igniting it for power and blowing out exhaust) so it uses the sucking of the pistons - with no fuel being used - to brake the car. In a normal ICE car when going downhill let off the accelerator and the engine holds you back (but still draws in fuel)... the Hybrid engine just does the same but no fuel used. Yes B mode should only be used if on steep hills... but it does work, but you still need to brake occasionally...
  4. Mine is the same issue sometimes - and on iphone. I have found if you have your phone switched on then get into the car - sometimes it does not connect... so you have to switch your phone off then back on again then it does detect and connect. It's an Apple issue. If i don't do this it keeps flagging up every time i tap Retry...
  5. True... but the Uk can get awfully cold too at times. True... if on a drive it is not great to rest on the PP... but if on a road then you can rest on front tyres if you turn into a kerb to park (which the highway code actually recommend just in case the parking brake fails).
  6. The MyT App is not great to be honest... not for me anyhow. Not sure on the registration bit - but IIRC I had to enter the chassis number (it would not pick up the reg number - however on entering the chassis number it told me the reg). It works via the DCM (check your Infotainment display - there is a DCM signal) and it picks up information from that (GPS, fuel, doors open, etc.)... BUT: Since Easter mine has not been working correctly. It tracks me journeying from home to a location... but then does not track me back - telling me my car is still in the destination location (at this time since yesterday my car is still in the M6 Sandbach Service Station). I have contacted both the App Toyota Europe and also Toyota GB - told to uninstall app and then re-install - still not working. They claim it is just the car is not in a good signal area and to "try and go out into a good signal area and it will reset and pick up correctly". Huh? How do i know what a good signal area is? The DCM is showing full strength and only drops to one bar on rare occasions... Like this morning the DCM was full and still not picked me up on my 6 mile journey... but the location is now down the road in Toyota (having anti-roll bar bushes replaced after just 2500 miles!!!). Last journey still showing as yesterday and still in Sandbach. So why the car location showing in Toyota but the last journey still yesterday? Does not make sense if using the same DCM and info. My last journey should be registered if that is the case? I have replied stating I am not happy with the app (all was fine before Easter then it's gone wrong) so waiting for a response.
  7. Only in Constant Speed Cruise can you go up by 1 mph... I find this to be off-putting in Adaptive. Just keep it the same Toyota!
  8. Yes as already mentioned it looks to be so.
  9. In my opinion it was always a bad call for manufacturers to get rid of spares in favor of the puncture repair kit. It is all about space and saving money. But that said mine is a works car - so if a puncture I just call the lease company and they send someone to come out. Having said that it is peace-of-mind to have a spare. But down-side is you lose boot space to accommodate (well that is what the information stated before I selected the Corolla).
  10. The Car Care Nut also mentions on the auto 'P' brake too: In winter switch it off as the brakes can stick. He's a sound guy for hints, tips and advice.
  11. My Corolla when i'm parking and approach a wall, etc. the beeping alarms. When placed into P it stops - and does not go off when anyone walks in front.
  12. My old Astra did change automatically once a year (March) but in October would not - so had to manually adjust it. That in itself was strange as it was set to adjust correctly. Yes these things should work - but remember humans built these things so human error all the way - to be expected.
  13. Just for info: Had my GR Sport 2 months... and about 2 weeks ago noticed an annoying clunking sound from the drivers front suspension area. Only noticeable at 5 to 15 mph... either straight or turning... and generally when going over slightly uneven road surface or when going over a grate, etc. Toyota had it this morning and after a little searching and checking they have tracked it down to anti-roll bar bushes - a known issue with these as there is an upgraded part for it. So it will be done on Thursday morning. Here's hoping that fixes the clunking sound.
  14. True... but more tread/road/contact causes inefficiency too. I found it best on a previous Yaris Hybrid to have inflation at 2 psi more than recommended. Reason for this was the tyre wear was on both inner and outer on all tyres for the first year of driving - then after 2 psi more the 2nd and 3rd year was constant even wear. So on my Corolla i have the same.
  15. At least that is in easy reach - IE your side of the gear shift... new Corolla is behind it.
  16. ECO can be an issue as it limits the accelerator... and as said you need to push it harder to gain the speed increase. Normal i have it on mostly (ECO on motorways when just cruising). I use Sport when needing that quick boost... but then put back into Normal/ECO as required. I have always felt that Toyota have missed a trick on not putting the Driving Mode button on the steering wheel instead of lower in front of the gear shifter.
  17. If you are listening to music / radio the sound dips slightly when the beep alarms you... and on the infotainment if you have the nav map on you will see a small icon showing you the cam / speed and on the road it will start getting closer to you.
  18. Actually might be more to be noisy when under inflated! More tread contact = more drag = more noise.
  19. When i travelled to Cornwall back in April - it tracked me to the first Services... then from there it carried on tracking even when i had stopped again (it did not show the 'stop') and then it decided to just stop tracking at Exeter... and when i got to Launceston it still claimed i was in Exeter. Then the following morning i went to get petrol and it tracked to the station about a mile away... but then not back - showed me still in the petrol station (and stayed like that for 4 days). Also it keeps logging me out on it's own - which is most annoying. Since Sunday last week (not yesterday) my car was still claiming a door is open and it is located 6 miles away. But it is in Toyota down the road looking into a clunking sound from the drivers front suspension at low speeds (yet another issue) and it is located there with doors open, etc. But don't think it is fixed yet. I reckon it is a software and GPS system glitch they need fixing.
  20. I was sure on the GR Sport specs the rev counter was in fact the power gauge... but it is a rev counter. Shame they did not allow for an adaptable choice (rev counter or gauge). But on the main display you can have the power gauge if you wish... and I always have it on the HUD.
  21. I do not have a heavy foot - so this is not an issue. But I have yet to keep this in the ECO+ zone when going up Rhuallt Hill - or any other steep hill for that matter... Yes there is an element of trying to keep things in equilibrium but it is sometimes necessary to get passed that slightly slower vehicle and so just touching on the pedal creeps it into the PWr zone. Only had it 2 months so hopefully will get used to it. But it still is not as 'convenient' as my Astra Diesel was.
  22. It is best not to overfill and stop on the fist lock out. You can ruin the filtering and breathing system if you overfill.
  23. As of now... my GR Sport Hatch only has the one USB near glovebox. The Touring Sport (I think) does have another USB in the centre box and a 12v in the boot space. This is clearly a lack of thought on Toyota's part as most cars these days do have a minimum of 2 USB. Although I understand the benefit of a Touring to have an extra 12v in boot space over that of a hatchback... although would be a good option to have as standard. The Apple Car Play / Android is a great thing to have as long as it works... and I have that purely for phone use and not for music. The USB by the glove box has it's fault by no protection from knees knocking the USB stick whilst connected. I overcame that by getting an angled USB adapter lead and then my flashdrive just lays in the space infront of the gear shift.
  24. Although I have my works phone added as an account I travelled to Cornwall without it and although I do not have my own phone added it still picks up speed cameras. With regards the app - it is a pain in the *****. It detects me travelling to somewhere - but when i travel back it still claims i'm at the destination. It also some days does not even register a journey. This has been happening since Easter - so i have contacted them and they claim it is just out of signal for mobile. This is NOT right as i have it on my own phone too - and both keep coming up with a load issues for the app... which makes me think the app if currently faulty. I have again contacted then but since 2 weeks ago now they have not bothered to respond. How can it work one time then not at all? Seems flawed in my opinion. Why do they say signal? If they tell me mobile then that can't be right as the car must have a GPSD or other system to pick it up, monitor the journey and locked status, etc. So if not working then it is a signal problem on the car and/or an app fault.
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