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  1. Only this week found that there was a version made with a very small van like back on it. I like the look of it but there are not many about. Can anyone tell me if the dimension between back of drivers side and the back door are long enough to lie down in and make a sleeping mat for average sized adult please? (when back seats are out)
  2. Cheers - and where can I find the refill plug? Thanks
  3. Is there a dipstick for this on a Yaris , and if so, where is it located? (2009 Yaris 1.3 petrol) Thanks
  4. Well, let's put it this way - I very much doubt I'd still have this car at the point the front O2 sensor needs changing again, and even if I did, I am the kind of person who wouldn't be able to lay my hand on the tool, spend half a day emptying the shed to find it and still not find it
  5. Many thanks Bob. I find these when searching, but at that price (and I will only use them one, hopefully) ,I doubt it's going to be financially worthwhile doing it myself? https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/masterpro-7pcs-oxygen-sensor-socket-set-538771571
  6. Is this a 'home' DIY job to fit a new one? I just had a look at Youtube and people talk about re-threading before fitting new one. Is that the case? Because if so, then I'll take it into a garage.
  7. Thank for answer. Is there a way of testing the sensor before buying new one?
  8. Had this a few weeks back, and changed the MAF sensor, spark plugs, air filter, cleaned throttle/air intake Thought it was pulling better but same engine light came on, and same reading on OBD plug in 02 sensor Biased/stuck rich bank 1 sensor 1 Not sure where to go from here now... any ideas much appreciated (1.3 petrol 2009 5 door Yaris p9
  9. Hi - I never put my head under a bonnet except to charge a battery or fill oil up until recently and don't know much about cars at all. But I'm broke so, needs forced me to try and fix the car but now I am stuck. I was having a problem that the car, it wasn't pulling very well and then engine light came on, so I bought a cheap OBD reader and it comes back with P2196 o2 sensor signal biased /stuck rich Bank 1 Sensor 1 So, I cleaned the MAF with some proper spray and while i was there changed spark plugs and checked and replaced an ignition coil pack. Now I am stuck, because the error code is back on there showing engine light on dash. I have been reading up on this fault but don't now where to go from here as I cant find the other sensor (the one before the cat) and i dont know how to check or adjust fuel pressure regulator either. Can anyone tell me where to find the 'other o2 sensor' or how to maybe go about the next part of this? Should I first replace the MAF? Thanks
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