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  1. I’d also say at that age, condition and mileage would be more important. I had a choice of two very clean cars. One was a 2009 with leather seats, dvd screen in rear, big alloys, body kit, etc., and a plain, boring looking 2006 one on 17 inch tyres. However, that one had 30k miles and was an auction grade 5/a, so I chose that one. Quite a few threads on other sites about reliability of the 2gr fe 3.5 v6. Consensus seems to be they’ll do a couple hundred thousand miles no bother, as long as it is maintained. Many recommend changing the oil every 5-6 thousand miles to ensure longevity.
  2. Seems he’s the only one who can do this on Alphard, and he uses the video channel on the headunit. From what users on an Alphard forum are saying he charges about £350 and is in Birmingham. Everything else on the unit remains in Japanese tho
  3. I’m going to get the headunit replaced, most likely with a single DIN unit with floating 9 inch display. I just felt given the size of the Estima a double DIN would look a bit lost as they’re restricted to a 7 inch screen. I’m going to upgrade the front and rear cameras at the same time. The cost of the fascia, harness, DAB antennae, and anything else, plus fitting will cost £400 -£500 so bear that in mind, but if you get a professional to do it they’ll most likely know what they’re doing and be able to do it more neatly and more quickly.
  4. If it’s one of the dongles that give you wireless carplay then yes, you’d need to already have carplay on the headunit. And even then they’re laggy and prone to crashing. maybe it’s a different adapter, but I can’t see how you can get carplay on an old head unit…
  5. It’s right in the back by the third row seating on mine
  6. Mine looks different to that… still can’t find it 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Happy days then 👍
  8. That might be the problem with the DVLA, they might come back and say no as it’s not measured using NEDC or WLTP. might still be worth a shot asking, though…
  9. What cycle is that measured using tho? Is it NEDC?
  10. You sure about that…? My v5 doesn’t show any Euro data (as it was never homologated for Europe), and the type approval therefore says Exempt, thus it’s taxed as a PLG vehicle
  11. The Estima would also have only ever been tested using the Japanese test cycle, which would have been different for the test used in the EU at the time. So you won’t get accurate emissions data which the DVLA could use, as the Estima was never measured using the test cycles used to tax vehicles in the U.K., namely the current WLDP or the older NEDC tests. I wouldn’t worry about it too much to be honest…
  12. Yeah, you’re being charged £295 at a flat rate as a private light goods vehicle. Id’ be sure to check what the emissions are, as they might end up charging you more…
  13. If you have a smartphone get the Google translate app.
  14. Adrian Flux came back with the highest quote when I was shopping around… 😂
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