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  1. Great stuff! On average how long does that last you ?
  2. Good advise. How much miles do you get on a full tank ?
  3. Thank you for this information. Literally sold me on purchasing one. Thank you
  4. Hi Pal, I need the boot space on the Yaris cross and a standard Yaris doesn’t give me that. This will be my first Toyota so I’m really excited!! I test drove one over the weekend and it was fantastic on local roads giving me an excellent MPG. I’m a little nervous on the motorway not sure what MPG it will give me. I need something cheap to run and something decent on MPG….
  5. Hi Mate, definitely need something good on MPG. I will drive the car sensibly off course …. If I am doing around 36 miles a day on a motorway I’m hoping the car will good on fuel for me?
  6. However if I am going around 65 - 70 MPH what sort of MPG am I looking at ? :)
  7. Hi All!! I’m new to this! I’m looking to buy the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, however I’m confused…… I’ve heard it’s great for small trips around the city which is great. However I will be travelling around 38 miles a day from home to work. My question….. is the car good on motorway? Will I get good MPG?? After reading some reviews it had made me really nervous as im looking to get an economical car.
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