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  1. As it is!! i love those Rotas, if your in the market for new wheels i may be in the market for a set of Rotas to release some cash your way, let me know a price and i'll see if i can stretch my budget.
  2. I am soon going to undertake a overhaul of my Ph2 Mk1 Yaris. Basically i am wearing thin of the Ph2 GHEY looks therefore am am doing a front end Ph1 conversion. Few quick questions 1. Can it actually be done. 2. Please sell me cheap front end (Tom F) and possibly fogs. 3. Will it look better Cheers in advance.
  3. Leave it alone - 16's all they way
  4. And i should point out (as his brother) that those are super nice wheels, nearly as nice as mine!!
  5. Messing about sitting on his bonnet!! i'd be inclined to mess him about!! As said tell him to shut up or put up - what a LOSER!!!
  6. If you often carry a lot of people in the back DO NOT wind it all the way down becasue you will definately scrape!! Mine is all the way down but rarely carry people in the back - when i do though it slow and carefull plus only allow two people in the rear and the ones that carry the lease weight!! They are super tho - mine are the Envy coileys that are more like the Tein Super Street and not the Basic's there is a post a bit further down have a read before deciding
  7. VERY NICE!! - I have the envy coileys on my T-sport and love them, plus i have 5zigen Pro Racer 16's on and not had one bit of scrubing yet!! This is as low as they can go. As to what you can do next - Forget power its never going to be super fast unless you can afford the 3k for a supercharger or turbo. Why don't you go for some tints and a set of seats cos im gettin very sick of the standard seats - Take a look at Burnie1000's but don't look at the price!!
  8. Not had a problem with 5th - 4th. I have a problem with 4th - 3rd. However Mr T should be sorting this on Saturday after my 2nd free service - Will mention it to them and report back with any answers
  9. What else is there left to say about this card apart from - TOP JOB!! Can't wait to see it when all finsihed. On the pics above im with 2 and 4, think 2 is my favourite with 4 as a back up
  10. Yeah back to standard with a tint - just make sure its not chavtastic
  11. Nice one. If you can treat yourself to a set of Coileys you'd be having such more fun - just make sure you wind them ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!
  12. Good advice Kimi - take heed and follow that route (id do it if i had the money) Oh and £3k is a lot of money - What could you get for that and your car and look at the options, it all really comes down to what can you afford and how much of that would be on insurance?
  13. Do you have Sat Nav? If not then these buttons are useless - Any pics of the car? I'd be careful when you say Silver!! Reasons why will become clear.
  14. No there is no need to reset the ECU - you could but not much point. Stick it on and enjoy!!!
  15. Mine has done this on the drivers side - had to drive all the way to Toyota dealer in glasgow in the rain (have to replace the whole unit) but warranty is a fabolous thing
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