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  1. yes i think tracing back is the only thing left i think the stalk is ok (but i will check it )as when i put it in to high beam position the blue high beam warning light comes on, on the dash. also if a pull the stalk back to flash position high beam will come on with dip...if i pull out the main head light relay nothing works ...i am pretty sure its a changeover relay at fault as it must have one to change it over from dip to beam..its just my car its not where it should be ...maybe different as a jap import..i should get i bit of time for another look tomorrow..worst case i will rewire it with my own wiring ...as it will be pre canbus..i have done this before putting a fresh supply to i switch and then to a floor mounted Lucas dip/beam switch as fitted to 1960s land rovers and other cars... just would be less work if some one knows where the relay is its been a reliable car had it about 4 or 5 years and its only had 2 wiper blades and bulb for the MOTs its the most fun car i have had in the snow with its 4x4 system from a celica GT4 with a rear wheel bias rather than other small 4x4 that are really just FWD and the back drives when needed
  2. Have no high beam. car is RAV4 G1 jap import. if i switch to hi beam it dont work but the blue indicator on the dash lights up i have dip fine and if i pull the stork back to flash then high beam will come on...which makes me think all wiring is fine and is a relay problem ..all fuses are ok The main relay is working fine this is just an on or off relay not a change over, if i pull it out i lose every thing as in no dip and no high beam when i flash ..so there must be another relay to change over from dip to beam but i can not find it a useful site here https://fuseandrelay.com/toyota/rav4-1g.html do indead show another relay in the relay box that they marked B and call Headlamp switching relay so that sounds like what i am looking for BUT my car dont have one just an empty space without even a socket so i am at a loss..somewhere some place there is a means of switching from dip to beam most probably with a relay ..i have listened for a click of a relay as the wife flash hi beam but not find anything SO any ideas
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