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  1. Thanks Cyker for the reply. Was busy the past few days, so didn't acknowledge it.
  2. I didn't know it was possible to specify 16's wheels when placing a new order. As I have placed an order for the Excel and I knew that I would prefer the 16's over the 17's. However, it was the keyless entry available only on the Excel model meant I had to compromise somewhere. I would like to ask from your experience, how you managed to switched to 16's from 17's. Was it through the dealership when you first placed the order. Also, I really liked the tight turning circle when I test drove the Design. I was wondering if the 17's had a bigger turning circle. Thanks,
  3. Just want to say that Toyota has made the right decision to put in a spare wheel rather than a repair kit. It was one of the deciding factors apart from the good return MPG that help me to go for it.
  4. I have followed your thread from when you first collected your car regarding the panel gaps all the way to this RSA problem. I have to admire your patients in dealing with it. I have never purchased a new car before so I am always under the illusion that being brand new, nothing will go wrong for the next 3 years. I have an order placed back in April and now I feel apprehensive about my purchase.
  5. I wonder if the E5 is worth it because I found that when I filled up with E5 in my Auris, I actually got better MPG than the E10. Although E5 is more expensive and I don't know how to work out the cost per MPG for both E5 & E10, my gut feeling tells me that E5 is better for value. In terms of the MK4 Yaris which I have a new one on order and have never owned a Yaris before, I was wondering to use E5 for the new Yaris.
  6. Do dealers normally cancel the existing order and create a new order, or do they just amend the existing order with the colour that I want. My estimate delivery will be in September, so I presume it is yet been built. Has anyone made any amendments to their order once submitted to the factory?
  7. Glad to hear that. Did you notice if the car ran on battery more than the engine. Would love to know what your mpg is. Maybe track it for the week, especially as it is brand new.
  8. I am considering amending the colour of my car, however order has been submitted a few weeks ago. What can I do and will it affect the delivery date?
  9. Wow... Just thought I have a quick browse of the used Toyota Yaris mk4 on the Toyota website as I wanted to see the colors I chose looked good and found that the prices are more expensive than the brand new car I ordered. I know that the used prices were more than the new ones back in Feb/March. However, it seems to have creep up even more. Who knows what the next few months will be like eh.
  10. Glad to hear that you two are picking up your cars soon. I ordered mine just at the end of March, so still have a long way to go to September. Would love to hear your experience when you do go to collect it e.g what procedures you had to go through, any inspection before leaving the dealership etc. I have never purchased a brand new car so I am kind of excited by the whole process. I ordered an Excel in white. What did you ordered?
  11. It's not only the cost to charge and time that is needed to charge that is important, but for me there is definitely an element of risk. By that I mean having to wait around in an unfamiliar charge point area or service station many many miles away from home, and even have to divert off route to locate a charge point. To add to that if you have children or eldely passengers too.
  12. I think that in the future the usage of 'full' hybrid vehicles should be allow to continue on the road and run along side BEV. This will offer options for those who can't or not in a position to adopt BEV. Besides, would it not be a security risk and unfeasible to rely our transportation on one source of energy i.e electric only.
  13. Was there any particular reason that stood out for you that made you not want to own a BEV e.g range, inconvenient?
  14. Yes, you are right, the Yaris really is a good car. I test drove a demonstrator recently that was also used by members of the car dealers. I noticed on the dashboard average 67MPG. Impressive, considering it was a demo car.
  15. I have my heart set on the Toyota Yaris, especially even now as it is my first ever 'new' car purchased experience. My partner has the MK2 Auris Hybrid and it is still going strong at 105,000 miles with just the annual service costs. You really can't beat a Toyota for reliability.
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