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  1. For the TS Corolla 16" wheel with no spare wheel would the Auris 16" spare wheel do the job perfectly? Like https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/product/toyota-auris-20007-present-day-space-saver-spare-wheel-16-tool-kit/ Edit: Just noticed there is section for +2019 Corolla https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/product/16-space-saver-spare-wheel-tool-kit-compatible-with-toyota-corolla-2019-present-day-copy/
  2. Is there a difference to solid paint, metallic and pearlescent in terms of durability?
  3. Ok the 1st service was actually 13700 which was done at 7 months old and then 2nd at 18k 2 months later. Then 3rd at 27k 3 months later. First stamp was missed as book was misplaced but they had a service check sheet which confirms it was done. It was someone at the headquarter that drove it. Now is 13700 1st service at 7 months old a bit better?
  4. A used Corolla 1.8 has 32k mileage. 1.5 years old. 1st service at 18k and 2nd service at 27k. Ex-company car from Toyota workers. Is that bad that 1st service is at 18k?
  5. Can't find much info on Suzuki servicing the Swace. Do they even do hybrid battery health check? At least with Toyota they will know the ins and outs of the Swace as they are the same car.
  6. After warranty ends for Swace would there be any reason to stick to service with Suzuki and go with Toyota servicing instead? Would the OEM parts be exactly the same as Corolla? Also what does the standard Corolla Excel have that the Swace SZ5 doesn't have? Is it just larger wheels, leather seats and sat-nav?
  7. Anyone know how long the Suzuki Swace hybrid battery warranty last? Also has anyone's hybrid battery ever get issues?
  8. Looking at 1.8 TS Design. Have you test drove the Auris 17" space saver spare wheel and it is 100% safe? Seems like good savings compared to shelling out at the dealers.
  9. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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