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  1. Dear fallen4rav4 in North Wales. Theres been a few posts about this in the last few months and if you do a search, some helpful folk have posted up the process where you can undo the immobiliser wires yersel fur nothing. You'll still be left with central locking with the key. Maist o the wires are black an the wee unit that controls the alarm is under the dash on the passenger side strapped on wi plastic ties - high tech eh? The alarm system, depending on the version, was fitted to the 94 models by T from a company who designed it and went bust by 1995. Hence no spares. Its ancient technology now anyway....there are other ways of immobilising the car easily and cheaply. I'd speak to an auto electrician and get a price if ye cannae dae it yersel. Its about 15 minutes work. For £150 you could then book a holiday in Blackpool for a week! Or LLandudno fur a few hours :lol: Jist fur interest, whit mileage has yurs done? Any photos?? Hi thanks for the advice!! wish I was brave enough to have a go myself just scared of killing it! Cant see any specific instructions on how to take the damn thing out though?? My Rav's done 67k got no pics at the mo, really should put some on here..
  2. I understand what you mean, but I would have thought it you can stop an alarm buy reaching in and flicking a switch from off to on in a matter of seconds, the alarm is pretty pointless maybe there is a switch internally accessible within the moulding. Sounds to me your best bet may be an aftermarket unit from a specialist shop and bin the toyota one totally Did you have any probs after removing it??
  3. I love my little old 1994 Rav4, but recently it has developed problems with the alarm / Immobiliser system and it' driving me mad :censor: The immobiliser kicks in intermittently for no good reason, happened a couple of times when I'm driving, and has left me stranded on the petrol court unable to move.Resetting it is a nightmare, as it does not always respond to the key fob. I have contacted my local Toyota dealer and they have advised me to remove it completely at a cost of £153, does this sound reasonable to you or do you have any suggestions????? Thanks
  4. I might be able to use one myself! Where did you find the £15 manual? <_<
  5. I think Jocky was after a workshop manual - did you find a workshop manual or just an owners manual - Anyone adjusted their RAV4 handbrake?? ← Like I said - an owners manual...
  6. Hi Guys, I've just bought a 1994 RAV4 GX, she's Hawaiian Blue, 32K on the clock, f.s.h and has only had one lady owner from new, she's pristine for her age, but I'm yet to break her in! :D
  7. Hi guys, Let me introduce myself as the proud new owner of a Toyota RAV4 1994 2.0L GX. She's Hawaiian Blue, 32K on the clock, full service history and has only had one lady owner from new. She looks stunning for a ten year old car, and puts my old Daihatsu Sportrak to shame! However, it was a close call between buying a grey imported Toyota Hilux Surf or this RAV4 for the same price, but having done my research on the Hilux's I decided I would be better off with the RAV4, but if I'd had enough money I would have bought both! During my research on the RAV4 I came across this brill site and became a Gold Member straight away (highly recommended!) and I've also joined Club Toyota on the official Toyota site. :bookworm: One thing I was disappointed about, however, was that all the attention seems to be focused on the newer versions of the RAV4 and there isn't much info out there for the older girls! So I'd like to take this opportunity to get us all together and celebrate this great little car! :meet: Looking forward to hearing from you!
  8. Hi there, I've just bought a 1994 RAV4, and was lucky enough find the original owner's manual in the glove compartment, it's copyright Toyota Motor Corporation 1994 Publication No. OM42401E, Part No. 01999-42401 printed in Japan 01-9404-00I. Hope this helps? :)
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