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  1. Hi All, The time has come (again!) for me to advertise my dad's old Carina. He has owned this car since 1995, when it had 30K miles on the clock. Fast forward 27 years and another ~190K miles, and the Carina is still going strong (albeit with some niggles). The car is MOT'd until the 24th of Oct 2022. It did have an advisory last year for corrosion on the rear subframe (but not seriously weakened) and currently the speedometer is not working. I have tried to get the speedo going, but have had no luck. He has decided to put it up for sale in the hope that someone might be able to keep the old girl on the road. Failing that, perhaps someone out there might need a parts car to keep their Carina on the road (although she is too good for that really). As I said, the car drives, shifts and stops totally fine, and it is still regularly driven long distances with absolutely no problems. It has a full and extremely extensive service history and has been very well cared for throughout it's life. Other things to mention include a little bit of blue smoke on start up if it's not been used for a week or so (which clears very quickly), the sunroof doesn't work and the paint is faded on the roof and some other panels, but the interior is in great shape. It's a pretty straight car that deserves to live on in some shape or form. We have no idea as to what it might be worth, but hopefully someone out there will offer a few hundred pounds to drive home our crusty old legend 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions or want any further info. The car is located in Monmouth, in South Wales. Cheers, Andrew.
  2. Hi All. I had a look over the wiring - the sensor's ground was bad. So I ran another ground wire to the sensor - voltage detected at the sensor plug - feeling pretty chuffed with myself - thinking that I've got to the root of the problem. However, unbelievably, the speedo is still not working. I have tried two speed sensors, and two speedometers - and nothing. I have officially given up (and reached the end of my extremely limited know-how). After reflection, given the age and mileage of the car, and an advisory for a rusty rear subframe in the last MOT - I have decided, with much sadness, to move the old girl on. I'll put an advert up on the classifieds forum now. Hopefully someone will have the know-how to fix her niggles, or perhaps someone might need a parts car. Either way - thanks for all your advice. Cheers!!
  3. Thanks, Mooly. I have seen a video where someone connects their speed sensor (still plugged in to the car's loom, but removed from the transmission) to a socket and a drill, to spin the sensor while the car is running. If the sensor is good, in theory, you should be able to register voltage at the block that plugs into the speedo (????). I'm thinking I'll give this a go at the weekend. The replacement sensor was a cheap reproduction from ebay - so maybe it's a dud.
  4. So...I managed to track down a replacement speedo which looks to be in much better condition than the crusty one from the car (circuit board pictured). Unfortunately, I put it in the car on the weekend, and shock horror, it still doesn't work. So, I'm left scratching my head. Perhaps it wasn't the speedo after all, and the replacement speed sensor I bought was a dud?! The saga continues...
  5. Not yet unfortunately. I'm currently working away and haven't got access to the car. Will update next week.
  6. Thanks both. I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what I'm looking at and I have never touched a soldering iron or worked on a circuit board. Apologies Flash22, what is OP?
  7. Cheers for the advice and info. I've had another go at cleaning it up. It's looking a lot better (pic attached). I'll chuck it in over the weekend and see if there is any change. Fingers crossed!!
  8. Very odd. I can't seem to find any breaks in the track (despite the corrosion). Could the fact that the track is deteriorated impair the speedo. It died a very slow death. Working only above 40mph, then eventually not working at all. Sounds like a gradual degradation of signal from somewhere??
  9. Thanks, Flash22. Apologies. I'm not sure what you mean by the 16 pin is a connector? I have attached a picture of the back of the speedo where the speed sensor connector plugs into the speedo if that's any help??
  10. Cheers for the head up!! Would I be able to test this with a multimeter?
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