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  1. Hi everyone, This is a follow up to my last post at end of March stating I had to sell my excellent 2003/53 Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D T3. It has done less than 55k and had 3 previous owners (one being my son). I have an issue with my left foot and have had to give up driving manual cars, otherwise this car would be going nowhere. It has just sailed through another MOT with NO advisories and is now MOT'd until 27 June 2023. The only issue is underneath where it is showing signs of rust. I was advised that it's no problem as it is only surface rust and could be brushed off and sealed. It's due to not being used enough over the past couple of years. It is on Gumtree, but as not many buyers not how well this car was made, are coming up with ridiculous offers. Most are street traders who just want to turn it round and make a quick £500 to £1000. Yes it is diesel, and that has increased in price, but the mpg around town is over 40 and much better on a longer journey. Tax is reasonable and I paid £127 for a year's insurance (after £40 cashback) fully comp. If there's anyone out there who is interested (I live in Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 which is a 5 minute drive from J9 of the M25 Leatherhead). The reg is: AF53 UHL and you can read more and see some pics on Gumtree. I would prefer selling it to somebody that wants to keep it and enjoy it, rather than make a few quid on a quick sale. It is advertised at £2,495, but I would accept £2,200 from a genuine buyer. As mentioned in the advert, I am happy to accept any AA/RAC inspection at buyer's cost) Any other tips on where I could advertise would be gratefully accepted. Once sold I would be looking for a Corolla or Auris Automatic. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you Cyker for your open honesty and I appreciate your knowledge of the Hybrid market and battery costs. Unfortunately, we are entering a time in our lives that I have never witnessed before. Rising prices in just about every area, except for salaries and pensions. Something will have to give at some stage, where Mr Joe Average is no longer in a position to lease a car valued at £30k plus, let alone ever actually buy one. Fuel has hit ridiculous high price levels, so Hybrids are the way to go. I believe the government should offer UK drivers that have petrol/diesel cars over 15 years old a really good trade in on their old vehicles for a new/nearly new Hybrid, EV or ICE one. Make it possible for everyone to finally go greener, therefore reducing the need for petrol, eliminating diesel, and helping the environment.
  3. Thank you Cyker for your comments and advice. With more and more battery cars on the market, and millions more soon will be as manufacturers are stopped making gas guzzlers, do you think that maybe the older style batteries for the Prius will come down substantially in price as more powerful ones become the trend? This would make an older Prius a much better proposition financially. The question is, will a hybrid engine last as long as the bullet proof old Corolla? Plus, is the body work as good in terms of corrosion? Unfortunately, I am not at an age where I can (or ever would anyway) pay the sky high rental prices for a new/nearly new car. How else I wonder can the average Brit ever afford one of these lovely looking vehicles at crazy prices they are asking today? Best regards, Brian
  4. Thank you Tony. This is very interesting to read. I wasn't sure about the standard Auris, but it seems like the Hybrid is the way to go. The Prius has always had a good feedback, but I was always concerned about the battery life and replacement costs. Have you any idea what an Auris auto hybrid would go for, dated around 2010? Once the Corolla has been sold, I will be looking around and will definitely add the Auris to my search list. Kind regards, Brian
  5. Hi All, Having driven Japanese cars most of my life, from Honda, Mazda and Toyota, I must admit there are not many other makes in the UK that I would trust. I still own my trusty 1999 Mazda 323 (since 2010). It's still on the original exhaust. Only ever replaced, tyres, oil changes, one fan belt and brakes in 12 years. My 1.3 pocket rocket Starlet was fantastic, and only had to go due to under body corrosion. It was sold on eBay to a person who was shipping it to Poland for the engine. My son has an Avensis and passed down to me his Corolla (this one) as he had an extra child and needed a slightly bigger car. This 2 litre turbo diesel is great, and returns fabulous mpg. Plus when the turbo hits in it is so powerful. With great reluctance I must sell it on, as it is a manual gearbox. I have problems with my left foot, so I only drive autos these days. My wife and other son have chosen to drive automatics only, so I cannot pass it on to them. I am not on here to sell my car. It is on eBay and Gumtree. I would love this car to go to a Toyota enthusiast who realises just how good these cars are! If you are interested, I live in Ashtead, Surrey. You should easily be able to find the ads. Reg starts with AF53. I am considering purchasing a 2006 1.6 Automatic Corolla in it's place. Unfortunately there are no Auto turbo diesels. Thanks for looking. Brian
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