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  1. I got this a few days ago. Pity I’m on holiday for the next 2 weeks.
  2. So my GR Sport seems to have had the delivery date pushed out from yesterday to next Thursday according to the background info on the Toyota website. Not sure why that has happened as the dealer was pretty certain that it would be delivered. Not heard a bean from the dealer which is pretty poor. They are now going to have to keep it until the 24th because I’m going on holiday this weekend. Oh well.
  3. Wow, I ordered my Manhattan GR HB at the start of April and it’s just been delivered. That’s quite a difference.
  4. I have a CTEK. It will be used over that period. problem is I’ll have to leave the boot open because the battery is in there. Glad I have a garage. 🤣
  5. Dealer emailed today. Car is arriving on the 3rd as planned. Collecting on a Friday the 5th. Then it’s going to sit in my garage for 2 1/2 weeks whilst I go on holiday.
  6. Yours is probably on the same transport as mine. 🤣
  7. Mine originally said 7th August but now says 3rd.
  8. My car is on its way. 2.0l GR Sport HB. Ordered 7th April.
  9. Exactly. Imagine buying a Tesla for £700 a month and the electric price go through the roof. Mugged. 😄
  10. I’m the complete opposite. I’ve experimented with Tesco 99 and the E10. I do the same drive everyday through the week and clock the trip counter when I do it. I get at least 40 miles more out of 99 to the E10.
  11. I’m paying 1.96 for 99 octane in Milton Keynes at the mo. I refuse to buy E10. It’s useless. Get far more mpg out of higher octane fuel. It’s more cost effective.
  12. I do roughly 10k miles a year. Personally I will be worse off buying a brand new EV than a brand new hybrid. If I was doing 20k then the EV would probably be more cost effective. Looking at the way electric prices are rising and the potential for road pricing for EVs then I don’t think it would take much to tip the balance.
  13. My Volvo bumpers are the same. Think the plasticisers in the primer have an effect on the paint when cured. I’ve owned it from new and it’s never been sprayed.
  14. Ok, so after 3 weeks of the Derbyshire location being shown on the app, my car has now gone into production. When I rang the dealer 2 weeks ago they said it was being built then. I’m starting to think they are talking b*llocks. 🤣
  15. The ecu should have no problem adapting to the better fuel. I always use Momentum 99 in my car because it works out cheaper mpg even though it’s more expensive. You will get more miles out of the tank. Using E10, you might as use water. 😂
  16. That’s why I’m fitting it myself. The kit is about £200 for the bumper. I don’t want to be respraying the bumper because the paint is never as good as factory. Would prefer to just protect the paint I have.
  17. I’m trying to source PPF for my new Corolla. I have fitted it before on my Lotus Elise and it’s very tricky. Expect to pay around £1000 for a full front end coverage. Image shown is a US Corolla btw.
  18. If that’s is the case my car has been on the back of a lorry for 2 weeks. Lol
  19. I have, the delivery date hasn’t changed. Due 9th August. They said it could be sooner though.
  20. I’ve just rang my dealer to talk about my personal plate and they say my car is in production. The app doesn’t say anything though. Strange.
  21. Thanks. I did wonder if that was the case for mine. The dealer said it should be with them by the end of July or maybe seven sooner.
  22. How long roughly is it from showing Derbyshire to the start of the build? My app changed over 2 weeks ago and still nothing has happened? Thanks Matt
  23. My car hasn’t hasn’t even been built yet. That’s on the 0% finance deal when I get it in August.
  24. Good shout. I’ve just emailed them. I did make them aware I was putting a reg on it when I closed the deal.
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