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  1. Very nice pdf spreaheet , flash 22! I am unsure why manuals I have ID the plugs differently... Both books, 2000 and 2004 ID c13 small as A and c14 large as B. 2000 pub. No. EWD395U 2004 pub. no. EWD542U
  2. I printed it out and had a hard time reading it... I couldn't get a clear view. Even when I tried using my CSI/NCIS knowledge... No matter how much I yelled "Enhance" at my computer. I have worked out the pin out changes from one to the other. The tach cluster has two additional, one for the tachometer (I know where to get that signal) and one from the 'Headlight, LH, RH' which I believe controls the high beam indicator. no corresponding wire on the schematic that I can find. The pinout map is dependent on the plug map. The plugs are labeled as C13 (A) and C14 (B). The plug position numbers are based on the plug facing you, wiring side pointed away from you, plug release "button" pointing up. Plug A (C13) is smaller top row is A1-A9, bottom row is A10-A18 reading from left to right. Plug B (C14) same rules, larger plug top is B1-11 bottom is B12-22 plug pinout change map left is old (tachless) right is new (w/ tachometer) 19B-14A Tach-15A 12A-1B 20B-13A 11A-8A 17B-9A 18B-12A 21B-16A 13A-14B 14A-2B 2B-17A 4A-10A 5B-19B 11B-16B 22B-17B 18A-18B 2A-2A (no pin change required!) 17A-12B 9B-5A 15A-20B 8A-8B 6A-4B 5A-3B 1B-18A ?From headlight LH, RH?- 22B <High Beam Indicator> 16A-21B 6B-11B 3B-15B 7A-13B 12B-9B 13B-10B 4B-7B 14B-1A This map is currently UNTESTED. Use at your own risk. I will be building my adapter harness soon to test this pinout change. I DO know where to get the necessary signal for the tachometer. I DO NOT know where to get the signal for 22B, which I believe is for the high beam indicator, and might be different due to the facelift vehicles having daytime running lamps as standard. Not sure about this. I dont know if I can just get a stalk and drl module out of a newer car and just plug them in and pull the necessary signal from the drl module. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. 2000 vs 2004 electrical diagram. I ordered both of the dealer wiring books. The 04vs 03 books had the same publishing #, so I figured they were the same book
  4. Flash 22.... Is the amethyst trim color actually lavender/purple? I have never seen it iirc...
  5. Btw, I always thought these gauges were white face, which I would've liked a lot. However the silver faces are a welcome and beautiful surprise!
  6. So. I plugged it in. Everything fits physically. New gauges w/ old bezel, old gauges w/ new bezel. Since the parts came from a junkyard I dunno if my bezel w/ buttons came off of a modified car or what ... Plugged in new gauges w/o doing any wiring. Certain lights come on, with out even having keys in the ignition- temp, abs, batt. With the ignition on, I got those plus brake and low washer fluid. While driving, the main gauge pack lights didn't light up at all. I had no speedometer, and (as expected) no tachometer. The entire digital area would not light up at all. So I have no clue whether I have fuel or odometer readings, and whether or not the odometer reading is updating from my ecu or bcm. Upon plugging my stock cluster back in, my odo read at the same. 107017. All functions appeared to work as normal. My stock harness plugs physically fit. As a result, I believe this will be a repin job. However, I will be building an adapter harness rather than physically repinning the factory harness. I just find this to be a safer alternative. If anyone is wondering about the power lock upgrade, I took apart the junkyard car. My harness is missing a necessary connector underneath the center console. The donor car I was stripping had a good harness in the passenger door. The drivers' side was all kinds of chewed up. It was made of splices. I have no interest in in putting that fire hazard in my vehicle, so the power lock upgrade is on hold until I find a better donor vehicle..
  7. The second I posted that stuff, UPS showed up with the package! Bezel definitely looks like it has a rhd tilt. Luckily I don't need it. Just the inset buttons. 🦾 Can't wait to work on this tomorrow when the echo is here.
  8. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/redwood-city-2001-toyota-echo/7466570280.html 🤣 Found this by accident. Can't stop laughing
  9. I figured out that even though all the pictures of these interiors look like shades of grey, except for the tan (sandalwood) my interior light gray shade is the exact same color as the dark gray from the donor vehicle... No one will likely notice the color difference in person unless I point it out to them. But for me, it's a neon sign...
  10. so. I have successfully taught myself to weld plastic. Had huge gaps the first time, came out perfect the second time. I really hate that the new panels are lighter. It's not sun faded, it's lighter from all sides. Production variance between 00 and 01 I guess. Very happy to have the oem speaker grills back. Very happy that my speakers are out of sight and protected. All in all better than spending $600 on new door cards... No telling what the color variances there would be.
  11. Thats where I pulled the tach signal from for the little bosch tach I have mounted on top of my steering column. It has gotten the job done and done well for some time. However, I will prefer having everything in one place. The new cluster will tie the interior together better. While at the junkyard yesterday, I was in looking at a flooded out 2004 Pontiac Vibe, which is just a Toyota matrix gm in drag... Anyway, the front seats appeared to be very comfortable, and the front passenger seat had a fancy fold flat forward feature. I dunno if the toyota matrix seats are the same or not. Anyway, the seats were mounted on risers that protruded, I dunno, 10-15 cm above the floorpan? The mounting points looked very mk1 yaris/echo to me. I have never seen mention of bolt in seating cross compatibility with these models online before. My seats were obtained from a scion xA, and appear to be very similar to rs and t sport seats. The Vibe seats were different up top than either of those.
  12. I tried using online vin decoders. From what I can tell, the cluster came out of a blue, automatic, 4 door sedan. It was manufactured in 01/03 and its supposedly a non-abs model. since my vehicle is also non abs, thats good news for me, as the few of these swaps I have seen mentioned abs to non abs and vice versa being issue laden. The vin for the cluster donor is jtdbt123830287136. I don't have access to one of those vin sites, and at this time mileage on odometer is unknown. My coupe is quite low, for its age, at almost 107k miles. I have seen info stating that the cluster will update from elsewhere like the bcm or ecu. I have also seen contrary info stating that the clusters odometer reading will take precedence. Hope I am able to keep the actual mileage from my vehicle, it is one of the lowest I have seen. I will be returning to the junkyard tomorrow, I am going to try and see if the power locks in the 4 door sedan I have been cannibalizing are able to be adapted to my coupe.
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