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  1. Thank you Cyker - certainly worth a shot!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know if a 2000 UK Yaris Verso would comply with the ULEZ if a Certificate of conformity is purchased showing it has a Euro4 engine? Same Q with a 2001 imported Verso? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you Frosty, Any ideas how I can find out more? Will search online in the meantime.
  4. Too right. All these cars are bitten by the ULEZ, so likely only the FunCargo that has a chance to survive... Very sad about the prospect of letting them all go, but might just mean moving onto the Yaris GR..
  5. Thanks! You would think zero emissions would be a good thing! Apparently it actually defaults to the highest CO2 rating as a result instead 😅. Once I work it out, it should be much cheaper to tax/park/drive in London!
  6. Hi! Yep - am UK based and this was imported at some point from Japan! Have a Yaris Verso too - my go to car which has never let me down, so when I saw the FunCargo thought it was a no brainer really! Hope to build it back up to a decent condition and keep it for when the snow hits! With the loading space in the back, am sure it will always be a useful car to keep around! Only other issue I have is the CO2 emissions on the logbook is currently '0', which I need to get in touch with Toyota about to start the process of correction... Has anyone gone through anything similar here?
  7. Hey all! Just joined this forum in the hopes of finding some more out about one of my cars! It's a FunCarGo - and a useful little thing! Beaten up and abused, but has the Yaris T-Sport engine coupled to an automatic gearbox and 4wd oddly!!! Haven't seen any others and hoping that there are more out there! Other Toyota's are - 1995 FJ80 Landcruiser 4.5 petrol auto - 1995 Landcruiser Prado 3L TD auto - 1995 Toyota Supra TT auto And of course the beloved FunCarGo which is a 2001 auto! (Lots of autos!) Will try to upload some photos of all the cars! Thanks 🙂
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