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  1. Hi Tom, Is the DPF regenerating ok? Had the same issue with a Ford Kuga for years! It kept resetting itself just like your RAV4, after turning off and back on in few minutes. Ford and independent garages never gave me the diagnostic, spent a fortune with both just for waste of money and time. Lost completely the confidence in the car, afraid to push it for overtaking in motorways. Then when it never reset again, put in a different independent garage and they said the exhaust pressure sensor was not working, and this was inhibiting the DPF to regenerate, as consequence it was completely blocked. New sensor, they tried to clean the DPF unsuccessfully and a new one had to be in as well. Why it had to take to that stage to someone diagnoses properly, god knows. That issue brought me to Toyota hoping never hearing this again from this brand 😟. Hope you get it sorted.
  2. When I collected the car (MK4) and did first drive home, all system were set on, PCS, Road signs assistance, even lane departure (nice handover from Toyota Marshall Horsham - here is your keys! Bye.). I was warned with beep sounds and dash warnings every minute until I got home and read the manual.
  3. Did this on my MK4 and found alright. Just really missed the rear air vents from previous Kuga, but the space was real good. The only thing is that was a very rare event that I do not take the driving seat (was not feeling well) as have absolutely no patience to watch her driving style.
  4. Agree with Ernie and Iain, steering auto adjustment shouldn't be very perceptive. And the dealer should demonstrate how to change the settings on the radio volume, instead of just saying "it is normal". If you have other Toyota dealers nearby, try them. I had lots of issues with a dealer quite recently and used another one for information and parts, which run the extra mile for me. But insist with them, where your bought, to check your steering wheel. If you suspect is wrong and they don't check, return the car. You have 30 days from the purchase. Test drive others and compare.
  5. Thanks Will, Yes, you are right, don't know how I confused the hybrid generations. I am sure I saw two types of filters, maybe saw a video of other model, not a RAV4. Mine was not dirty as well.
  6. Hi all, Looking for videos for battery vent filter cleaning, only found for MK3 and MK5, and there are actually filters. Took apart the vents from my MK4 yesterday and only found a mesh. Should it have a filter there? Both sides are the same.
  7. Oh, sorry. Totally misunderstood the topic. Didn't even looked into the score on mine yet. On the previous car, a diesel, it had something similar called ecodrive score displaying green leaves as less or more eco friendly drive. Will have a look into what I have been doing. As mentioned, had to re-learn how to drive this thing.👍
  8. Hi, as the topic doesn't specify if it is for a PHEV only, I will stick my nose in for a HEV 17 plate: Average per tank is getting regularly 45, the best once was 48. As some of you said when I've got here, had to re-learn how to drive this thing 😄
  9. All I know is used hybrids still rising. When I bought mine last April they had 4 MK4 RAV4 hybrids in stock. 1 month later they had none. Also when I was considering return the car because of the salesman lies, I tried unsuccessfully finding the same and noticed inferior specs were already higher price than what I paid.
  10. Hi Adam, I don't think it is a sensor. Believe the safety feature of stop moving on way up or down is made by extra current detected by the little motor. But I am not sure. One thing I am sure is you would not want to deactivate this safety as could cause further damages to the system if the door is really blocked. It might be that when the door opens, it passes the point where the motor should start pulling down. On mine there is adjustment on the opening, not sure if your have the same. If so, try to adjust the opening a little lower than the maximum. Look into the manual if you have this.
  11. Oh, gosh! after the comments above, better not to have then! 😁 No, really, very appalling as I had on a basic of the basics FIAT about 13 years ago. That thing didn't have SatNav but worked very well to make calls and to navigate through the audio system.
  12. Hi all, Found quite appalling the system on my 17 plate hasn't got voice recognition. Registered the system on My Toyota and could not find any update that would bring this feature in. It seems the previous owner uploaded most of the updates available anyway but voice recognition is not there. Why having the key on the steering wheel then?
  13. Hi Cyker, Dealer name with excellent customer service is Toyota Yeomans Worthing. Put a nice customer review on google for them. A not very nice to the dealer who sold me the car at Toyota Marshall Horsham unfortunately. Shame Yeomans did not have the car I wanted when I wanted, but for services and any parts I will come to them.
  14. just an update: Funny enough, the £107 from dealer 1 has cost me £47 at dealer 2 and it arrived in just 3 days. They explained that the cover does not need to be painted, it comes already in the model colour. Super customer service, when I paid the part, the gentleman went inside and brought me the invoice. -Oh, thank you, but where is the mirror cover I have just paid? "-It is in you car, I have just fitted." Isn't nice when someone goes an extra mile for customers?
  15. Hi Ernie, Looks good! I am still considering to get on for my MK4, in the smoked version like yours. On the mk4 it fits right at the front as the bonnet opening is different from the two model year. Let us know when you have a good drive across country lanes in a warm Sunday afternoon, when all the bugs decide to go for a fly over :D.
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