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  1. Hello, My 2017 Prius' boot cover clip has broken. I have previously superglued it back on twice, but rough handling by the family has caused it to break again. I don't need a complete new boot cover as that is ok, just a new set of clips would be good. Is there anywhere I can source them directly as my garage quoted me over £500 for a whole new cover, which I don't really need? Many thanks. Khurram.
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Khurram and in my nearly 50 yrs of existence, I have had access in my family to 6 Toyotas, 3 of them my own, the others belonged to my father. He owned an enormous Toyota Crown in 1973 with a big front bench seat and I used to sit next to him as a cild watching him drive, amazed at the gear lever on the side of the steering wheel. It had a huge boot and a belter of a horn! In the days before seatbelts and in Kenya, we could fit 8 people into it very comfortably. He sold it in the late 70s to a taxi driver in Nairobi, who used it to its end. He had 2 Corollas after that, the second of which was an import from the UK. Whilst driving it home from the port of Mombasa, my brother and he got held up at gunpoint and the car was stolen off them before it got home. It was recovered a few fdays later, badly damaged and the front right panel colour never really matched up to the original shade as it was unavailable in Kenya. We drove that for over 20 yrs! My first Toyota was a Corolla too which I bought in 2000 and sold in 2006. It was very fast and I got all my 6 points from speeding in it! After a speed awareness course and an advanced driver's qualification, I bought my first Prius brand new in 2006. The silent engine at the time was a novelty and used to amuse a lot of people around me. I drove it hard for 11yrs and over 200000 miles. On it's last day with me, I limped home in it with 11 warning lights on, but it still got me home! I am currently driving my second Prius, which is a 2007 model. I love its spaced and the fuel economy. I don't like the quality of its build and the drive is sometimes hard. The qualioty of its build is why I'm here and I will be posting my issues separately here. Thank you for taking the time to read about my Toyota Life! Khurram
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