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  1. I think i've been spoilt in the past, having company cars that suited the role (Skoda Superb & Octavia, Kia Sportage), now it's seems its just about the best/cheapest deal they can get! btw, it seems that my model (Design) doesn't have wireless connection for android auto, so the only usb connection has to be used to get access to maps - because of course, this model doesn't have sat nav....... how will i be able to listen to my "It's always sunny" podcasts? 🙂
  2. They haven't explained why and the choice to opt out and accept a car allowance was offered. Sadly the conditions attached to opting out would have resulted in a loss each month. For the region I cover I'm not looking forward to driving 35k per year in it. Lots to think about!
  3. You're quite right, things do look strange but also totally illogical! I have no problem with the hybrid nature just the Mod edit cruise and general interior layout! I should be able to get in the car and drive it without having to drive dangerously due to the complicated manoeuvres required just to engage the cruise control! The manual is worse than useless. References an older version as they haven't bothered to update it ( 2022 model has the limiter and cruise/radar in one small joined button). Wish I still had the Octavia, great car with clever/logical features that not only functioned as they should but were easy to use and a manual that related to the car!!
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  5. I didn't pick the car, company went for this for field base staff. I've read through this part of the manual but isn't clear as it's all tied in with the radar system which has so many options! It should be one click but seems Toyota think otherwise!
  6. Hi, thought I'd join the group as my new company car delivered on Monday was my first Toyota and to be honest, I'm not. Impressed Having previously had a Kia Sportage and before that a Skoda Octavia I was apprehensive as to the Yaris cross and I was right to be! Firstly, whoever designed the door cubby holes and the other storage area clearly has no intention of ever driving one, as the door ones cannot be accessed unless you have the door open(!) or contort yourself as the armrest is in the way. The left arm rest has a shallow storage area which blocks access to the drinks holder(s) underneath it. And then we come to the cruise control which I've yet to workout how to use. All I get is a message telling me radar is ready and it gives me multiple options for this but has yet to left me actually set the speed I wish to cruise at. The bottom half of the switch just operates the limit. Why would they design a system that isn't an easy one click function and could cause an accident when the driver is having to fiddle around and look at that instead of the screen?? (Don't start me off on the design model not having sat nav and folding mirrors as standard!) If any one has any idea how to get the cruise control to work I'd be most grateful, although out of all the cars I've driven so far this is possibly the most impractical one I've had for long work driving
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