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  1. Had my Aygo X Extreme automatic now for 5 months and done just over 2,000 miles. Once I turned about 1250 I noticed it was sounding smoother and a little quieter, not that it is noisy anyway. I had an odd noise that appeared when setting off and in a low gear but that gradually went. At 2000 miles it is probably setting down and suddenly a lot smoother than when I collected the car. Gear changing is smoother but that may be down to me getting used to use of the accelerator. My overall average for fuel is 48.75 mpg. That includes a couple of long journeys, one of which got me up to 56.02 mpg. Local motoring it has dropped to 42.79. The one irritating nuisance is having to switch lane assist off every time I start the car and also if setting cruise control to hold the button down to avoid it doing its own thing with vehicles in front. All I need is basic cruise control and surely that should be the default option as should lane assist?! However, I am very pleased with my purchase. It is comfortable, quiet and reasonably economic. I have ordered a central arm rest!
  2. In my previous car, a CH-R, it was left unused for a week during lockdown. It was less than a year old. I could not unlock it and the emergency key would not turn in the lock. Toyota sent the AA out to sort it. They did. The AA man said flat batteries in hybrids are a common problem. The main reason is the computer system is constantly draining it. He advised to run the engine at least once a week for a time. Not as bad as Land Rover’s problem. When they released the new Defender owners were finding their batteries going flat overnight. The cause was they were/are set up to do software updates overnight. Such were taking a long time draining the battery.
  3. An irritating aspect of the stop start on the Aygo X automatic is if it has engaged, when you take your foot off the brake the car jerks forward as the engine engages. You need to anticipate the lights or cars in front moving and lift your foot off the brake ever so gently. There is an easy way of disengaging stop start on the Aygo X automatic and that is not to push your foot all the way down on the brake pedal. You get a message telling you press harder!
  4. Yes. No problem. 5.5 weeks in the garage and fired up immediately. Had it been a Toyota hybrid I am certain the battery would have gone flat.
  5. My biggest grip I having to hold down the lane assist button every time I use the car to switch it off. It also took a while to realise that in setting the cruise control if you hold the button in the up position for a time it reverts to being a straight forward cruise control without all the radar stuff.
  6. I have no idea which Yaris it was (in Australia) other than it was an automatic and had Say Nav and Apple CarPlay. No complaints with the car. Ideal for the short time we needed it. I learned that Toyota are to release a hydrogen hybrid in Australia and set up Hydrogen fill points. The only way really you could run an electronic car there. Nobody makes long enough extension leads!!
  7. Bought our Aygo X Extreme in September. We have been away for a few weeks and whilst away hired a 1.5 year old Yaris. What was noticeable was that the Yaris was a little noisier and not as comfortable. A big contrast to our old Aygo Blue which always had a motorbike sound.
  8. The cables Apple supply with their product are known to wear, sometimes invisibly, but usually at the plug end. I use more robust cables purchased on Amazon.
  9. As I have alluded to before, I suspect the ability of many in the dealers having the ability to do some of the tasks that can’t be diagnosed or sorted by plugging in their computer. A friend fits tow bars. He often has main dealers sending their cars to him to fit the tow bar because they lack the expertise. They then add an exorbitant amount on the bill to their customer for not doing the work! A worse scenario was a lady with a brand new Ford. She turned up at my friends saying she ordered the new car with a tow bar fitted. She found the battery in the caravan is not being charged properly. She has had it back to her dealer a couple of times and they cannot work out why. Ford sent an expert up to look at it who said it can’t be done. My friend put it right for her in ten minutes. The dealer did though pay the bill!!
  10. I bought my new Aygo X this year and see my local dealer charges £220 for an intermediate service (around €252) and £320 for a major service. I am not convinced a lot is done other than plug the car into a computer for it to check what may need attention, change the oil and kick the tyres. A friend and I discussed this subject last week, he has bought a new Jaguar FPace, his business is such that he can do his own servicing and most repairs and tells me little is involved in these “mandatory” services. Fortunately Toyota gave me a special deal to reduce the servicing costs for three years - I pay £160 each year. With my first car, a Triumph Herald, I did my own servicing. It was straightforward. We seem to be in an era though where many are no longer attending to simple jobs around the house. I listened to a discussion on the radio yesterday on this subject. It is surprising how many pay for somebody to bleed their radiators and the interviewer knew nothing about the need to do that!
  11. The problem I have hit is when it asks for a note of the previous reg number there never was one and it does recognise the car. However most times I am getting insurance quotes and there is a work around.
  12. Not unusual. I still find with some sites they think my car is not an Aygo X but one I sold in March last. Even my dealer queried my car when I provided the number and it came up on their system as the previous one. This is despite the same dealer being the one who registered my Aygo in September last, put the plates on etc.! DVLC seem to update quickly but I suspect some sites use older saved copies of the data.
  13. Thanks for the help here. I shall go back to the dealer and wake him up.
  14. My Aygo is an X Exclusive with the JBL sound system. I ordered from Toyota the rubber boot liner. It came today. It does not fit. I went back to the dealer who assured me it does as they had put in a few already. He tried and failed. The boot liner’s depth is slightly too much and it buts up against the backs of the rear seats. The next bit does not make sense. The chap trying to fit it said it was because the rear seats are moved slightly further forward to accommodate the JBL woofer in the boot. It does not make sense for two reasons. One is if the seats were further forward and thus the boot bigger then the boot liner would have fitted as more space is provided for it. The other is it is not the woofer as that sits below floor level in the boot. The normal floor mat that comes with the car lies flat, the woofer does not affect it. Thus it seems there is a variation in boot sizes. Or I could have a lemon and something went wrong during manufacture that made the boot slightly shorter in length. the dealer has reverted back to Toyota for advice.
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